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    NROTC question.

    DS received NROTC full scholarship and also an appointment to USNA. As IDay for USNA is 6/30 and NROTC arrival at University sounds like it is late August can you keep your NROTC scholarship up to IDay as an emergency plan B? Just curious for his options.
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    I Day class of 2026

    Anyone have knowledge of when Class of 2026 I-Day info goes out? I found the '2021 I-Day parent & info booklet' and it looked like it was Tuesday 6/29 & Wed 6/30 last year? The USNA Academic Term 230 (Summer 2022 ) Calendar shows I-Day as Thursday June 30, 2022 this year. Wondering if it...
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    B&B or Hotel recomendations

    DS selected for CVW for Thurs-Sat in Nov. Wife and I going just stay after Thursday afternoon drop off and then attend parent info sessions on Friday and then football game Sat before we head home. Any recomended reasonable priced hotels or B&B's in walking distance to USNA ?
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    Protocol for B&G Officer visiting house for interview

    B&G officer coming to our house at 6:30pm later this week for interview with DS and to speak to wife and I. We were wondering what protocol is as far as offering any refreshments or beverages. He did advise bus. casual for attire but we were wondering if given the time of day if some light...
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    ACT or SAT

    DS was advised as we are in a competitive district he should take ACT even with a 1530 SAT already. I'm not sure this would be helpful unless he crushes it. I fear it could even hurt him if it isn't a score at a level similar to his SAT. Thoughts?