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  1. USAFA2021


    Hey everyone I have a couple questions that I can't seem to have answered. I am currently in my sophomore year of AFROTC about to go to Field Training this Summer, and it is at this point in my ROTC career that the NCO's tell me I am disqualified for RATED because of my vision. Now, the thing...
  2. USAFA2021

    AFROTC + LASIK/PRK ????????

    Hi everyone, So straight to the point, I am currently a sophomore in AFROTC and have a deep desire to get picked up for a pilot slot. I took the AFOQT and am happy with a score of 86. Now the one thing im worried about is something that I cant even control-my eyesight. Does anybody have...
  3. USAFA2021

    Sad about your TWE? Read this.

    Hello everyone! Probably just like yourself, I was a die-hard USAFA fan dreaming every single day to one day become a cadet at USAFA. I first applied to USAFA 2021’ straight out of high school, I had a ton of extracurricular and leadership experiences to add to my application- JROTC, Civil...
  4. USAFA2021

    ALO Evaluation and Transcript questions for USAFA 2022

    Hi everyone, I am currently a candidate for the USAFA Class of 2022. I have two questions: 1. Does my ALO as of today not sending the evaluation to USAFA hurt my chances? I'm just afraid that as each day passes my application stays incomplete while others meet the admissions board. 2. Does...
  5. USAFA2021

    Officially Medically qualified!!

    This morning I received a letter on my portal saying my medical waiver had been granted! For those still waiting for the same news, stay hopeful, I waited over two months for the news. Take it day by day. I Wish everyone in the same situation the best of luck!
  6. USAFA2021

    Medical Waivers

    Hello everyone! I apologize if this question has already been answered. I contacted the Waiver Authority at USAFA and asked for an update on my Medical Status. Fortunately they told me that things were looking favorably for a Medical Waiver. My question is, if USAFA takes the time to...
  7. USAFA2021

    Calling USAFA admissions

    Hello everyone! By any chance has anyone been able to get in touch with their Admission Advisors/Councilors ? I'm trying to contact them to see if they can give me any insight on my medical status. I appreciate any response.
  8. USAFA2021

    Pilot- Vision requirements

    To put it straightforward, If I have an astigmatism over 3.0 Diopters, are my dreams of becoming an Air Force pilot over with? I've always aspired to become a pilot, and nothing has ever been able to change my interests. Is this waiverable ? Can any surgery in the USAF help? I appreciate any...
  9. USAFA2021

    Waiver Request by USAFA

    Hello everyone! Does receiving a waiver request by USAFA signify one step closer to being appointed? If my waiver is granted, does this place me in the "Qualified candidate" category ?? These are two questions that i've been contemplating about over and over. I would appreciate any response...
  10. USAFA2021

    Does anyone know when DODMERB...

    Hey guys! By any chance does anyone know when the DODMERB website will be back up and running ? I was just notified by USAFA that they have requested a medical waiver on my behalf. Unfortunately, I can't see which tests I have to take and send back to them because I'm not able to log in. Any...
  11. USAFA2021

    Summer Seminar Essay

    For the essay on the Summer Seminar application about overcoming a challenge (3,000 Characters Max). Mine came out to be 2,998 characters without spaces. I don't believe it classified whether the maximum included With or without the spaces. Will I be disqualified?
  12. USAFA2021

    Do the military academies....

    Do the military academies know what the JROTC Raider teams are ? I've been on the team for the past two years and am interested in knowing if it's a team they think highly of.
  13. USAFA2021

    Contacting your ALO.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a Junior in high school applying for the Academy this upcoming year, and I am still yet to contact my ALO. What exactly are you supposed to talk about when contacting your ALO?
  14. USAFA2021

    USAFA Advice

    Good afternoon, I am in my Sophomore year of High School and I am currently the Sophomore Class Vice President. My only dream is to be accepted into the Air Force Academy. I don't have the best GPA as my Weighted is a 3.8 and my unweighted is a 3.2. My GPA lowered from freshman year because...