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  1. moho

    PGL and Academy appointment offers

    Given that the 2022 Program Guidance Letter hasn’t even been written or finalized, does USAFA/RRS know their target admissions number yet? I assume the PGL impacts AFSC predictions and changes the reflection of current (well… years from now) needs of the Air Force but I have no idea if they’d...
  2. moho

    College transcripts

    Forum! Any college reapplicants have their first semester transcripts checked off in the portal yet? That is all :bounce1:
  3. moho


    I make artwork. Link above if you want to see an album of stuff. Enjoy!
  4. moho

    Recalculated gpa on new salesforce portal

    My documents were just processed by the Academy. Does anyone know where I can find what they recalculated my GPA to? Thanks!
  5. moho

    Score updates

    Good afternoon everyone, I took the 23 Oct 21 ACT and received the scores about 2 weeks later; and according to ACT, USAFA should have received them shortly after. Does anyone know how long it generally takes the standardized tests on record to update? The new tab on the Salesforce portal only...
  6. moho

    How much do circumstances matter?

    Hi - I'm a second-year reapplicant who's starting my freshman year at a university next fall majoring in an engineering field and doing AFROTC. I struggled very much during my senior year. I took the most challenging courses I could because I had always handled those fine in the past. This...