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  1. sendmetoENJJPT

    Sports During BCT

    I recently stumbled upon this question and I could not search the forums due to the words being too common. What do sports (IC) look like during basic training? Is there practice during basic? How does that look (schedule-wise)? Any information would be helpful.
  2. sendmetoENJJPT

    Holiday Backup?

    Just a quick question on the DODMERB review process. Obviously, these people deserve breaks from their jobs just like anyone else, so my question is, will there be a holiday backup for exams that have been sent in? EX: my exams have been sent in but are waiting in a queue to be reviewed.
  3. sendmetoENJJPT

    What is the best call

    Hi! I have been given the opportunity to make a unique decision that I think is going to be very tough for me. I am currently talking to a sports coach at USAFA. My GPA is 3.35 and my ACT is 29 which is low for direct admit but potentially possible (low chance). I have also been given the...