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  1. RickD_USAF

    AFOQT Scores

    Would these be considered favorable? Pilot - 95 Navigator - 87 Academic Aptitude - 62 Verbal - 81 Quantitative - 43 I would think Quantitative may be low. Funny thing, DS is not looking to become a pilot.
  2. RickD_USAF


    CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2021 for completing Recognition 2018.
  3. RickD_USAF

    Parents of 2022'ers

    To the parents of 2022'ers who have officially accepted their appointments, I welcome you to the USAFA family. You are about to embark on a wonderful, yet stressful, journey. Embrace the months you have remaining until I-Day. You are joining a new and very supportive family. I highly recommend...
  4. RickD_USAF

    Final Stretch

    Well, we are closing in towards I-Day. DS is working through the checklist and has only the immunization and bloodwork stuff to complete. He was a pin cushion yesterday with 3 shots and blood being drawn. He now received a called this morning from our doctor stating he needs another shot o_O...
  5. RickD_USAF

    Nominations from a former Rep

    Just a quick question to see if anyone knows if there is any impact to those that received a nomination from a Representative who is no longer a Representative. The nomination came in after the election but on 20 JAN 17, he moved to Gov. Do the nominations fall to his replacement or just get...
  6. RickD_USAF

    VP Nominations...

    Has anyone heard of an instance where a candidate who had no MoC nomination get an appointment through a VP nomination? I am just curious due to the fact that my DS did receive three MoC nominations but all to the USAFA. He did submit for a VP nomination and did receive the generic auto-response...
  7. RickD_USAF

    Any Smaller States?

    There has been a lot of Nominations/LOA's/Appointments coming out of the larger states. Just curious if anyone has posted about Nominations/LOA's/Appointments coming from the smaller states (i.e. Rhode Island, Delaware, etc.).
  8. RickD_USAF

    Arizona Bowl

    Nice win USAFA. 45-21 !!!