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    Senator Jim Webb declines USNA Distinguished Graduate Award due to criticism Curious to see if anybody else saw this. For good measure, here is the original article he wrote in 1979...
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    Rotary Wing Aviation in Marine Corps?

    I am considering my options for service selection and one thing that has interested me is being a Helicopter pilot in the USMC. Army Aviation has been discussed at length on this forum but there is much less on the culture/lifestyle of the Navy/USMC Helo community. I have heard from people at...
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    Col Liszewski named Next Commandant of Midshipmen

    I already posted about this in the USNA forum, but I am reposting it here because I know more alumni/veterans/current active duty visit this part of the site. Has anybody known/ interacted with him before? The mids are very curious about this as he will be only the second Commandant in the...
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    New Commandant

    Colonel Stephen E. Liszewski, USMC was announced as the next Commandant of Midshipmen in an email from the Supe to the Brigade today. The turnover is apparently going to happen shortly after graduation of this year.
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    Questions for a Current Plebe

    So this forum helped me out a lot when I was applying to the Academy so I think it's only fair if I give back by answering any questions about life at the Academy or Plebe Summer. My one caveat is that I've only been a Midshipman for like 2 &1/2 months so there will be limits to my knowledge...
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    Permanent Retainer

    I have a permanent wire retainer on the inside side of my bottom 6 front teeth. In the PTR packet it says that one cannot enter the academy with any active orthodontics unless they have a waiver. During dodmerb I checked the box that said "current orthodontics" but was never disqualified. The...
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    Poor Shuttle Run

    I took the CFA last week and these were my results: BB Throw: 64 ft. Pull Ups: 15 Shuttle Run: 9.68 Sit Ups: 95 Push Ups: 75 Mile Run: 6:46 I realize the Mile and BB Throw are a tad below average for a male, but both were personal bests for me and I feel reasonably comfortable...
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    Sending in Transcripts (AROTC)

    Under the "Academic Information" tab of the application website it gives an address that you can mail your transcipt to (Cadet Command), but in the "Additional Information" section of the application, there is a "Request Transcript" form. Is this form necessary, or if I just have my school send...
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    AP Scores to boost profile?

    I am aware that one's AP test scores are not required (or even asked for) by USNA, but I was wondering whether emailing them to my admissions officer, along with verification, would be beneficial to my admissions file. I have taken 6 exams so far in high school: AP European History: 5...
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    JAG Corps

    I'm considering different careers in the Military, and one of them that I am curious about is being a JA in either the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps. Are any members of this forum current/former Judge Advocates? If so, could you discuss your experiences/views on your career? Can any other...
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    No NASS, how can I improve?

    So I was not selected to attend NASS but was instead given a CVW, which I attended. The visit only made me want to go to NASS more, and since I was not selected I was wondering what areas of my application I need to improve. Academic: 35 ACT superscore (34 math 34 english 36 reading 34...
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    "New" Smallpox Vaccine for people w/ Eczema

    I was digging through the internet and found that a Danish company called Bavarian Nordic is in the process of developing a smallpox vaccine for people with eczema/atopic dermatitis: And, that they have within the past two...
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    Candidate Activities Record Question

    Just to confirm, after I submit this to West Point, am I allowed to update this information later if I recieve a new award or am elected to another position?
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    ACT w/o Writing?

    I know USMA (and all the other SAs) require you to take the writing portion of the ACT, but they also superscore. Is is possible to superscore with with different ACTs and one of them is non-writing? I already have a score on an ACT w/ writing that I am reasonably satisfied with, but my...
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    Club Water Polo at USNA?

    I play water polo in high school and would very much like to continue playing in college. I am aware that USNA and USAFA have varsity water polo programs, but realistically I do not believe that i would be capable of walking on at a D1 varsity program like Navy. I know that USMA has a very...
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    SLE and Budget Sequestration

    My father thinks (and I agree with him) that WP is waiting on the SLE decision until after march 1 to see whether or not Congress will resolve the budget mess, and that if the budget will be sequestered, it will be likely that SLE is cancelled. So to any of the admins or posters with access...
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    Calculus 2/3 or AP Statistics

    So I am Scheduling for senior year and I have a question about the benefits of these two courses in relation to the service academies: I could take dual enrollment Calculus 2&3 through the local community college or I could take AP Statistics. Currently I am in AP Calculus AB with an A for the...
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    Tuition Cap?

    I read on another thread on this forum that the max scholarship one could be given for AFROTC was capped at $18K/year. Is there a similar cap with AROTC and NROTC scholarships? Or is this specific only to the Air Force
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    In-State for ROTC Scholarship

    MUST one apply to an in-state school for the AROTC or NROTC scholarship application, or merely a school with instate tuition? I recently found out that I would be elligible for in-state tuition at a university in a different state, and since I don't really want to apply to any of the public...
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    National Merit Question

    I received my PSAT scores today, and they were a good bit above the national merit semifinalist cutoff score for my state (MO) last year. Assuming the cutoff doesn't rise by more than 9 or 10 points, it is reasonably likely that I will be able to apply to be a NMS finalist or a winner next...