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    USAFA Transportation Logistics

    I drove through Colorado Springs the other day, and while I couldn't enter the Academy grounds,from the Highway I was surprised by the distances between the the Academy Campus, the Football Field, and the Air Field. At USNA, everything is so close and within walking distance , I was wondering...
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    Post 3000

    I was thinking about posting something truly inspirational or thought provoking for #3000, but now that I am here, I really can't think of anything new to say. In fact, sometimes I think I sound like a broken record here -- > 100% of those that don't try, don't get in, > Focus on what you can...
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    Beat Army , or The Beatings will Continue until Morale Improves !

    I just saw the Brigade Movement Order Schedule on my Class Facebook feed. Rough numbers, 0145 Muster; 0230 Busses launch (150 buses); 0900 ESPN Game Day; March on 1200; Kick off 1500; RTB after game (rolling schedule, but ETA 0215). Top that with a ****ty weather forecast (cold and rainy), and...
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    Another Important Matter Concerning the Existence of Humanity- Coffee

    I don't think I've ever started a thread on the Forums, but I saw something in the King Hall Food thread that triggered me...someone posted about liking coffee, but then went on about adding cream and sugar. I didn't want to hijack that thread, so I'll put it here: 1) A coffee order should...
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    National Pool

    My turn to ask a question (I don't think I have ever done it on this forum)....this is triggered by an recent exchange of private messages with a parent, and numerous vague references to the "National Pool" in this forum. The term usually comes up when someone refers to not winning their MOC...
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    Teacher Evaluations

    I was talking with my sister the other day, and she commented that she got an email from USCGA advising her that she had been used as a reference for a USCGA applicant. She was surprised, because the candidate had not even told her to expect the email, and also because she thought that she...