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  1. JaxNavyMom111

    Where can I improve?

    I would agree but the exception to this is some of the smaller sports such as tennis, golf, volleyball, etc. My DD was captain of her Varsity tennis team from 10th - 12th. The reason is that she was the youngest on the team with four seniors in the line-up her freshman year and when they...
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    NROTC and Reserves

    Recruiters are definitely motivated by their quota and kept after DD last summer. It is not a requirement and from everyone that we have spoken to (including her BGO), it does not help their chances. It can actually interfere with their college requirements and activities. No question, they...
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    ROTC and criminal history

    If it asks those direct questions, they have to respond honestly. I was referring more to the have you been convicted of ...? I know several young people who are not able to get hired because of stupid college behavior resulting in convictions which has basically ruined their chances of ever...
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    Looking back from USNA

    @Capt MJ quote made me laugh. We always think that the grass is greener on the other side and God likes to teach us lessons that we don't forget during every phase of life not only when we're young. A good friend's son who was also a college re-applicant to USNA this year is going through the...
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    NROTC Selection Question

    Based on DD's experience last year, it is the last step before the scholarship is awarded or denied. It will continue to roll over to each Board until possibly April. Like @5Day said, keep working on all of your other applications, Plan B and relax. As DD's NROTC recruiter also said, "It's...
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    Advance Math Class, Drop or Fail, For VMI and USNA

    Any of the STEM majors are going to require advanced math and so will USNA. Calculus in college is a lot tougher than AP Calculus in high school. My DD is having a tougher time with it in college and math is her best subject. She aced AP Calc in high school. Recommend getting a tutor and...
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    College re-applicant for 4 year

    This is exactly what my DD was told. They said that you had to keep asking and they wanted to get them in front of the Boards ASAP even though they had started college. They said with the military, you have to keep asking, asking, asking. She is reapplying for the 4 year with a recommendation...
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    Help with choosing NROTC colleges

    My DD is in the Corp of Cadets as a freshman at Virginia Tech this year. She was also a candidate for the USNA and was cut the last day. Virginia Tech was her second choice or "Plan B" as they call it. VPI is truly a military school within the university with the full military experience and...
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    ROTC and criminal history

    Regardless of whether he was formally charged, get a good attorney who can figure out his status. You don't want to go to court unrepresented. He definitely needs guidance through the process to get the best outcome. The client who represents themselves has a fool for a client vyou don't want to...
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    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Class 2021

    Too funny! Out of all the people there, you figured out who we were. [emoji2]
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    Officer without scholarship?

  12. JaxNavyMom111

    Officer without scholarship?

    Yes, we were there at the same time and we were the only ones from Florida that I know of. There are other kids from Jax going to VA Tech but not the Corp that I am aware of so it must be us that you remember. [emoji4]
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    ROTC and criminal history

    It depends on the severity of the felony. Most of the military branches do offer waivers depending on the severity. (Google it) but the best thing to do is to get a really good criminal attorney and hopefully have it reduced to a misdemeanor and see if they'll expunge it from his record at 18. I...
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    Qualified... but no letter?

    Usually, you can get a copy of the letter from the DODMERB website. DD had a follow-up and we didn't know it for several weeks. Once we completed it, I checked the site often for clearance. When it was issued, I could print it from the site. It seems their mail only goes out monthly. [emoji4]
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    Officer without scholarship?

    We were told the same thing. They are working with the college program students to get them the scholarships but encourage applying for both, the four year and the side loaded scholarships and VTCC has been very successful in getting them. Their advice is that with the military, you just have to...
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    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Class 2021

    We just came back from orientation and the best part was the VTCC and NROTC sessions. As a new VTCC parent, most of the other orientation sessions for parents did not apply to us and the information is on the websites. It seems they want to just keep the parents busy while the students break...
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    Mom's do take it harder. My DD has taken several whacks lately and although she is disappointed, no one loves their kids more than their parents. Kids are more resilient but we hurt for them and it's harder for us to heal. FAIL=First Attempt In Learning and it is important to fail to become a...
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    Prelim App

    @MichaelW22 Yes, you can update your preliminary application every time something changes but your SAT/ACT scores have to come from the College Board directly for SAT scores and for ACT scores. You cannot submit them yourself. If you didn't list USNA as one of your schools for...
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    You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the story does not include enough detail to really know the truth. What it does do is provide tidbits of possible misleading information which does not look good for the cadet. I hope...
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    "Turned down"

    I apologize if you misunderstood my response. You are correct that stats are requested periodically but that's not the only part of the equation. I was specifically referring to those situations where stats are given by parents and not asked for in conjunction with a candidate not receiving the...