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    How about those mids?

    Definetly was worth the trip up to Annapolis!
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    Physical Readiness Test (PRT) exercise form

    The Navy's ditching sit-ups for a plank allegedly.
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    Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    Warning: Sample Size here is my own experiences and people I've known. I had a similar NJROTC experience where I was putting in 5-8 hours a day. NJROTC definitely helped me pick up NROTC, via ASR (which apparently no longer exists but is being replaced by some kind of prep program). It got me a...
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    The end result is the same. The skills you learn on the way are different. USNA Mids live the Academy 24/7 (not the Navy) and there are good developmental things in that. NROTC Mids don't live the same life, and there are good developmental things in that too. There is a need in the fleet for...
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    Two Months Post First-Time Visit to the Yard

    If you visit USNA first, all of the other colleges are going to look "meh" by comparison.
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    Generally when do NROTC candidates start getting paid?

    Yes to all the above. Twice a month from DFAS. Scholarship 4/C will receive $250 in two increments of $125.
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    Uncorrected Vision

    20/40 corrected to 20/20, with depth perception is the requirement to select 1390 (Student Naval Aviator), so that's where you might have gotten the number from. For commissioning in general, correcting to 20/20 is the big hurdle for eyesight, along with colorblindness ("the kiss of death" for...
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    Generally when do NROTC candidates start getting paid?

    Late September I think. Depends, but it will come soon.
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    Processing Time for SAT Scores?

    Took mine about a week.
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    In what format did your LOA (pending nomination) arrive?

    Always wondered what that looked like.
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    USNA Founders Day Dinner

    I'd attend. Nothing to loose.
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    Marine pilot vs Naval pilot

    Gotta start that plan to get all that fixed wing multi-engine time early! Both the Navy and Marine Corps have a lot of helos (which is how we have so many pilots), so the chances are moderate. Don't forget about the non fixed wing jet communities either. MPRA and E-2s on the Navy side and...
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    CVW significance

    I got a laugh when I got an email about one this year . . . Agree with MidCake 100% and stop using it to gauge competitiveness. I look back at my CVW all the time and remember how cool everything was. It's better than any college visit (didn't go to NASS so can't speak to that).
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    Some didn't even know it existed.
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    Done this, no ramifications. Your friends will be disappointed you didn’t get in, and nobody will hold not getting in against you.
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    BGO interview

    Good luck!
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    Keep it close. Let your advisor know. Once you get later into the semester it probably won't be that big of a deal. If people know, it is what it is. Applying to USNA from NROTC isn't some foreign practice that will paint a target on your back per se, but it may make your colleagues wonder "why...
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    JROTC Nom

    When I sent one in two years ago, it was still a paper process.
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    Medical (Help?)

    I was mobile while posting, so I'll elaborate a little more (this is based on my experience and I'm not the bottom line when it comes to Navy Medicine): -USNA will send you to DODMERB when you cross a certain threshold with respect to completing your application (think it's 35-50%), and they...
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    Medical (Help?)

    They will be sent to the Agencies that requested them. Basically, both ROTC and USNA will see them.