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    For all academies:

    I took practice tests every Saturday under TEST DAY CONDITIONS. That is, wake up at 7:30, have a very light breakfast (trust me, you don't want to need to use the restroom in the middle of the test!), and then get started at exactly 8:30. Take the test under a timer and with the exact length of...
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    USNA CLASS OF 2024 Update-List-Yourself APPOINTMENTS

    Wow that's awesome. Congrats! :bounce1:
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    Is one MOC Interview time better than another?

    I wrote Academy (note: capital A) a few times
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    Is one MOC Interview time better than another?

    what has this thread turned into
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    Waiver denied... is it over?

    Update: After completing and uploading my CFA results to USAFA, I received a letter on my portal stating that my waiver has been denied. The letter was posted the next morning after my CFA. I don't believe the timing of my CFA had a bearing on the determination of my waiver. When I received the...
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    Congressional Nomination Preference

    Great quote from Game of Thrones: "If I look back, I am lost" Basically figure out your choices and get them in order so that you will not have regrets later on. Because having regrets down the line (esp. for something like SAs which can totally change your life) is a situation I personally...
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    Just curious

    or some Windex... ;)
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    Just curious

    I suppose this would be true. Didn't think about the sample in context with the population!
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    Just curious

    I wonder how many candidates (ROTC/SAs/OCS) are DoDMERB qualified without needing a waiver (that is, they make the DoDI 6130.03 requirements). Seems to me that this percentage would be quite low considering the number of people on here with DQs and waivers.
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    You mail in CFA scores, correct?

    Verbatim from the USAFA website: Your examination may be administered by any physical education teacher, Service Academy Liaison Officer or JROTC Instructor. Any active duty commissioned officer may administer the CFA for service members. It is your responsibility to arrange for a qualified...
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    42 push-ups for DS?

    I think it also depends how well you do on the other events. For example, maxing the situps, shuttle run, and doing the mile sub 6:00 would probably offset the low score on pushups. I could be wrong. (I'm taking my CFA tomorrow wish me luck!)
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    You mail in CFA scores, correct?

    Yep, the CFA packet (which you are supposed to download, print, and give to your administrator before the CFA) contains a link to the online portal where they submit your scores. It is the same process with the teacher evals.
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    Academy Day This Weekend - Question about Dress

    NJ Senators just had their SA day evening. I know some of you are going to flame me for this, but I was wearing my JROTC uniform. I also hand-delivered my senators' applications. Staffers were very impressed. One of the gentlemen in the audience was the instructor at another JROTC unit and we...
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    Any chance of acceptance?

    Your sports look awesome, but remember the SAs use sports to gauge teamwork and leadership capability, not athletic competency. They use the CFA for that. So basically since you have 8 (if I counted right...) varsity letters, I'd imagine they'd expect you to do well on the CFA. Taking and doing...
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    Is USMA more "liberal arts" than USNA?

    Everyone at USNA graduates with Bachelor of Science, regardless of major. Arabic is an available major at USNA. If you majored in Arabic and graduated USNA, you be one of (I'd imagine) a handful of people to hold a Bachelor of Science in Arabic!
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    Can the evaluations make up for a bad grade?

    SAT math only tests through Algebra II. It does not test pre-calc. Regardless, acing (or almost acing) the math section will look fantastic on your application. KhanAcademy is an excellent study resource for both SAT and school courses. I use it for extra practice problems, especially for...
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    Letter of Assurance - Class of 2024

    Congrats! Especially considering that USAFA is very limited in awarding LOAs! Is DD a recruited athlete?
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    Received an LOA!! CVW?

    You could visit it again (although that depends on your personal situation). You don't need to go on a tour if you don't want to. There are many places open to the public on campus.
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    Failed CFA? Help

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not a doctor. I'm not a fitness expert. I'm a candidate for USNA and USAFA. This worked for me, so it might work for you. But there's no guarantee. Day 1: Sprint as fast as you can for the straightaway on a track. Then jog the curve. Sprint the other straightaway. Jog the other...
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    yup! I hear you! As the unit vice commander, I'm responsible for enforcing uniform standards. I can't do that if my own uniform is not in standards!