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  1. wisbang35

    Congrats to UNG - 1st place at Ranger Challenge

    Yay UNG! Son is an MSIII in the Boarshead Brigade.
  2. wisbang35

    Timing of tuition payment for Scholarship

    If you choose The scholarship to pay room and board, $5,000 is deposited in cadet's account. Tuition is paid to the school.
  3. wisbang35

    Timing of tuition payment for Scholarship

    Timeliness of payment is also very much determined by the efficiency of the administrative people in the ROTC office at each school as well. Your child will also be instructed how to get their own online Army account set up, as this is required for monthly stipend payments.
  4. wisbang35

    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    Yes they did Ironman! I didn't understand the posts on the Facebook page about having to leave UNG because they can't afford it any more. The cost hasn't changed, just how it is paid with the scholarship. UNG offered those options right away. No reason to leave in my opinion.
  5. wisbang35

    MS IV keep checking your orders!

    It's just allergies.
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    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    One parent last night posted the email their cadet had gotten and everyone flipped out thinking it said using the scholarship to pay for room and board was no longer now, but it actually said room and board deferment is no longer allowed. Once they got that straightened out, everyone is ok now...
  7. wisbang35

    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    I believe it has to do with deferment rather than not paying for room and board. UNG was waiting for the payment to come from the Army for R & B, now they have to have payment upfront. Cadets/families can then "pay themselves back" when the Army deposits it into their bank account. This is a...
  8. wisbang35

    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    Yeah, room and board at UNG is nearly twice as much as tuition.
  9. wisbang35

    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    The Parents and Family Organization at UNG is going to look into it and get back to us. The only thing my son's email said was that it was "due to the new GOARMYED payment system." I'll report back here when we get an answering from Corps leadership.
  10. wisbang35

    High school student with College credits, how to fill application?

    On the AROTC application, it asks how many college credits the student has. When you put in more than 15, a big box comes up stating they are disqualified from applying, but they may continue with the application. Press forward. If the student is offered an AROTC scholarship, they must provide a...
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    What's my best pathway for the army?

    That was my son that had a 23 ACT, 3.4 GPA and got a four year on the first board. He is thriving at the University of North Georgia.
  12. wisbang35

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    Thanks for the info. My cadet is contracted, so I believe that gives him the opportunity to go already his first summer. Definitely makes sense that older cadets would need to get in first.
  13. wisbang35

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    Well, now I don't know! I guess he just signed up for that slot, I didn't realize it wasn't guaranteed. I'll be speaking with him soon and will ask more questions. Pretty neat to find you here, two UNG Charlie Company Moms!
  14. wisbang35

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    My son is going to the first session May 31-June 26. Don't know any other dates.
  15. wisbang35

    Waiver Granted

    Congratulations! The agonizing wait if finally over!!
  16. wisbang35

    How do the payments for ROTC work?

    Exactly, first comes DoDMERB, then the APFT once you get to school. The sooner you pass the APFT, the sooner the ball gets rolling to get the money flowing. We were responsible for paying the first semester's entire cost at The University of North Georgia. (We chose room and board because it...
  17. wisbang35

    University of North Georgia Experience

    My son is a freshman at UNG. Dahlonega, GA is beautiful, the campus is awesome, and the Corps of Cadets and Army ROTC are all that he hoped they would be. Out of state cadets receive in state tuition and it is extremely affordable. I believe is the only Senior Military College of the six that...
  18. wisbang35

    Army ROTC 4 Year Scholarship

    Major Killeen at UNG is very helpful!! Mr. Greg Killeen at or 706 864-1884.
  19. wisbang35

    Scholarship assigned! When's the school selected?

    Yes, if you have been accepted to all three schools, you can choose any of the three! You are definitely a winner! But, as my son was advised by the great Jcleppe and others, the DoDMERB process can be long and hard, fasten your seatbelt, there is still much to do! You cannot accept online, you...
  20. wisbang35

    Stipend Not Received

    Have you done the online stuff? There is paperwork to do online, that must be approved by HR at your school. The money doesn't just appear. Much to do on your part to get the process started.