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    How heavily weighted is the college transcript in the Air Force Academy Process?

    You’ll be fine. Work hard and do your best. Your ACT/SAT and HS transcripts will support your aptitude to succeed. Best of luck.
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    Guidance Request for USAFA application process

    Follow space2bmom’s link above. If you’re still AD, you’ll follow a different path w/ or w/o congressional nominations.
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    Advanced Classes

    It doesn't matter how your school weights them. USAFA Admissions will take your raw scores a weight them themselves.
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    I'm worried...

    Mike. You're just fine. Do your best and get those applications done! Do well on your CFA and SAT/ACT. 13,000 start the application, 6,000 finish the application, and only 4,000 will be fully (medically) qualified. Control what is within your control!
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    USAFAPS inprocessing date?

    10 July for prior enlisted AF Airmen (AD, ANG, AFR), 17 July for Direct Entry (i.e. High School Graduate direct to AF Prep)
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    USAFA Cheating Scandal

    You're right on Paco. If you read through the thread, that was my frustration with all of the "stone throwers". No one knew or even seemed to care about the facts AND most of the details that were reported were all wrong. All of the negative comments came well before the leadership was able...
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    Additional LoR's HQ USAFA/RR 2304 Cadet Dr, Ste 2300 USAF Academy CO 80840
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    Additional LoR's LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Letters of recommendation are not required, however, we strongly encourage them. You may submit up to, but no more than, three letters from individuals who know you well and...
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    Preppies Applying for Academy Appt

    No need to retake the ACT/SAT. Nominations only.
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    AFROTC as a nomination source?

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    How do I look?
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    NFL Games

    I guess I am the bah humbug of the group. Given that only 1000 out of 6000 qualified applicants to USAFA actually get in and that 25% of those will wash out for academic performance, I would not be worried about going to a Broncos game before I even started my application. Your freshman year...
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    transportation to airports - Thanksgiving etc.

    Holiday bus transportation to and from DIA & COS airports for cadets! Call ORC for dates and times. (719) 333-4602. Purchase shuttle tickets for November Break, Winter Break and Spring Break.
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    USAFA Cheating Scandal
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    C-17 Mistakenly Lands at Wrong Airport
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    C-17 Mistakenly Lands at Wrong Airport

    I can assure you that it wasn't the same crew. BTW - there were something like 18 crew on board according to the news article. Obviously, not all as part of the active crew but if you have ever flown a pilot or instructor pilot on board your aircraft as a passenger...well you can guess how...
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    Aero Club vs Powered Flight

    AVT - I wouldn't get too spun up over it (pun intended). You will have many instructors say "you fly the airplane! Don't let the airplane fly you!" As long as you study your general knowledge, BoldFace and have a good attitude, that will take you far. Now if you totally hated soaring and...
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    Official USAFAPS (Prep School) Class of 2013 Appointment thread

    First photos of the Prior Enlisted members of the USAFA Prep Class of 2013!
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    Official USAFAPS (Prep School) Class of 2013 Appointment thread

    They are all doing great! What a great group of Airmen!
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    Nomination Predicament

    Continue full speed ahead following the advice given above. Additionally, continue with your applications to the service academies. SA Prep Schools are for well rounded students that need a boost in academics. Nominations are not required for entrance into the Prep Schools (only the SAs)...