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    Summer Seminar 2020

    I’m inclined to disagree with it won’t help you. My daughter went to both USNA & USMA & then USAF flew her out there. She’s now a Plebe at USNA. I can’t help but think admissions at the very least looks at those motivated enough to take the time to apply & then attend summer seminar. Just my two...
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    Keep calm?

    My DD is currently a Plebe at USNA. We did receive similar notifications prior to her appointment. This is normal for the service academies. I would encourage you to complete these as fast as possible. I’ve no idea of the actual selection process, it seems to be a closely guarded secret but you...
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    The big wait starts

    My DD Is currently a Plebe at USNA. DON’T give up, stay focused. It is a long process but the final result will be well worth it.
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    USNA Admissions FAQs -- "What Are My Chances"

    The CFA is a requirement. My DD passed the CFA but AF wanted a higher score. She did & all was good but the fact is the CFA is just a stepping stone. Now at USNA the physical aspect is so much more. Best be ready or you’ll be crushed, good luck.
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    Nomination Help

    Ok don’t know if this will help. My daughter is off to USNA in 13 days but it was NOT due to any help from a senators. They receive so many applicants that twice they wouldn’t even respond to her. She received her nominations twice through her congressman. Not to say she shouldn’t apply but...
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    If you’ve been offended & accepted NAPS. Then your in.
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    Plebe Summer Undergarments

    My daughter (recent NAPS grad said you will be issued sports bras & underwear for Plebe summer.
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    Napsters graduate May 10, 2019. They then report to USNA JUNE 25th 2019, two days prior to the directs. OF COURSE THE ABOVE IS ASSUMING THEY MAINTAIN THEIR GPA DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID AND STILLHAVE THE RECOMMENDATION. It is also the time we parents loose any hair we may still have...I don’t...
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    nominations post NAPS

    Once she gets to NAPS she will have to reapply for ALL nominations that she qualifies for. They will do the interview by phone, some used FaceTime. If they don’t get one from their representative, Napsters will get one from SecNav, if they qualify to move onto USNA.
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    To the best of my knowledge a Congressman does not make or influence placement into NAPS. I could be wrong, I’ve no clue who pulled the trigger for my daughter, (she’s moving on from there to USNA May10th). Hope you’re right & it helps, NAPS is a great way mature & prepare for the academy. Good...
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    Actually prior to reporting to NAPS they must begin all the nominations they qualify for even if they already did that last year. They must complete this process while at NAPS and it’s my understanding that if they do not receive one of those nominations they will then receive a SecNav nom IF...
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    True, but generally a candidate who is Not academically qualified based on their GPA’s & SAT’s are not granted a nomination. So it’s kind of a fair assumption to figure if a kid who earned a nomination probably was competitive at least academically. It’s such a tough process, I wish there was a...
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    True however SecNav will be an option that was not there before.
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    Nomination for Naval Academy Preparatory School?

    This is not necessarily true. NAPS is not specifically for persons who are academically unqualified. It is another way for persons who did not receive a nomination to gain admittance to the academy. My daughter received a nomination to West Point & Air Force but Navy was already taken. She was...
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    Summer Seminar

    I see and hear a lot of people saying it doesn’t matter if you attend or not. My daughter went to Army, Navy & Air Force Summer programs. Nearly every kid either got direct entry or prep school. Just coincidence? I don’t know but that’s what happened. My daughter was offered a Falcon scholarship...
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    How involved should I be?

    It will depend on the BGO. We introduced ourselves, gave a very brief background then tried to leave. A little over an hour later he was finished with us. 3 hours in total later he was done with my daughter. DoDmerb she was on her own.
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    All advice welcome - newbies to process

    My daughter received nominations to West Point & Air Force. Is currently attending Naval Academy Prep School, same one Coast Guard uses. If u like PM, I can give you a few clues that will help.
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    NAPS indoc vs Plebe Summer

    EASis just out of curiosity, why would you ask this question? NAPS is not something you can can apply to. No offense intended, now I’m just being curious.
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    NAPS indoc vs Plebe Summer

    Actually Indoc at NAPS is 3 weeks. I know this because my daughter just went through it. To suggest it’s a walk in the park I can only tell you that based on the number of people who ended up on crutches or otherwise disabled would suggest otherwise. In short it’s tough.
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    Have all the Falcon's been awarded?

    My daughter was offered one May 22nd. She turned it down having already accepted another offer. Don’t know if they are still being offered.