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  1. Heatherg21

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I am curious as to AZ CD2. Thank you
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    NROTC ISR Information

    Our DS did some research on this and his RO confirmed that the boards automatically review apps for ISR type candidates. They have a limited number of them available and will dole them out only to OUTSTANDING candidates, they are also done on a regional basis, so scattered around...
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    Board Date Timeline

    Our DS's Regional Counselor told him all applications had to be in and complete to her by Oct. 4th to be considered for the first board (which she said was 10/11). He did get his complete and she said it would be seen by 1st board. You can check your status on application after submission...
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    Okay, well we will just go through the process and wait and see! Thank you

    Okay, well we will just go through the process and wait and see! Thank you
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    Counseling for candidate after a loss

    +1 @justdoit19 . I am so sorry for your loss. I believe this is the same as seeking a sit down with a grief counselor, school guidance counselor or clergy. They are trained in providing support to those who are in mourning. They can help provide tools for your son to 'put in his toolbox'...
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    Hi, I am from AZ as well. My son and I were curious how our senators and moc process noms...

    Hi, I am from AZ as well. My son and I were curious how our senators and moc process noms. Were you able to determine if any of them selected principal or ranked their slates? Thank you!
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    What exactly is boys state?

    I would suggest you reach out to your guidance counselor and your local legion post. Some guidance counselors aren't aware or involved sadly. Some legion posts are more active then others. Our son went this past year and loved it. Our state runs it as it was designed as a mock model of our...
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    Is one MOC Interview time better than another?

    Dang, hard to choose. Our state hasn't even scheduled them yet. Said we would hear something end Oct. early Nov. Good luck to him! Maybe, flip a coin?
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    Leadership development for a teenager

    Our DS is applying now, and he is considered relatively quiet/stoic by his peers and teachers. He really started to gain more of a voice after competing in the American Legion Oratorical Contest. He was nervous, but public speaking really brought him out of his shell. He has since taken 2nd...
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    Optional essay question

    The app says once you hit submit you can not go back. Our DS elected to write the optional essay. It is another way she can show who she is.
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    Online interview

    Our son did in person mock interviews yesterday in front of a panel. Intimidating set up, chair in the middle of the room, the panel behind tables and everyone very serious. He said one of them never took eye contact off of him, leaning across the table, felt like his soul was being weighed...
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    Boys State vs SLCDA, which one is more important to Academy Admissions if you could only attend one of them?

    Our son was trying to choose between Summer Seminar and Boys State. He chose Boys State. He was very glad he did as he was elected Governor and selected for Boys Nation. Lots of opportunities via Boys State. Just our experience.
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    Failed CFA? Help

    Our son emailed his RO at West Point his 1st CFA scores. She said improve mile and one more push up then you are gold. She also Our son's RO for West Point told him he can only submit scores once, with no retake option (unlike Navy). As a result, he held onto his scores, and is training to...
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    Admissions counselor scenario

    Got it, very astute. I should have posted the question as to should he ask for the purpose of guidance. He was getting great support and then it vanished and documents the counselor asked him to email (which he did) didn't make it to admissions, which he just found out yesterday and remedied...
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    Complete and On Hold

    I completely understand. You will have more time to work through any hiccups since she started process early. Then comes the wait. We are in that hurry up and wait status. April is a long way away. Good luck to you and she in this process.
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    Admissions counselor scenario

    Our DS had great communication with the counselor listed on his portal during the summer. The last communication was August, and they haven't replied to emailed questions since 11 August. Their name and an additional contact have also disappeared from his portal. He has now reached out to...
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    Complete and On Hold

    And her DODMERB site will show her actual process, literally updates like every 10 mins (I don't pretend that I didn't check like every 15 minutes). Our DS went through mid August and once dr. office cleared up error it went very quickly.
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    USCG from WWII accounted for

    Grateful his family has this information and can lay him to rest at home. Thank you for sharing.
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    MD vs PA

    Having just gone through DODMERB with our DS, I would lean towards MD. No offense to PA's out there, but leave nothing to chance in this process. We saw an MD, and they made errors on report that then had to be cleared up, so even with an MD there are and can be challenges. Good luck to your DS.
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    Processing Time for SAT Scores?

    Same for our DS, college board fullfilled order 3 weeks ago. USAFA and USMA have updated, nothing from USNA yet. Patiently waiting