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    Counseling for candidate after a loss

    First, I am acutely aware of how crazy it is to post this question. My son is a candidate for USAFA class of 2024. It has been his dream to fly a fighter jet since he was 2 and it’s something he has worked incredibly hard for and that candidacy is important to him. his father died very...
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    Letter of Assurance - Class of 2024

    Still, she got that and no one else is reporting such! It’s still awesome.
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    Optional essay question

    My sample size of n=1 did do the optional essay.
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    Letter of Assurance - Class of 2024

    Thanks for posting this and thanks for posting her stats. I know it’s a small glimpse of the whole picture, but it’s helpful to see some benchmarks! Congrats to your DD, underrepresented district or not, those are very impressive and she truly earned her spot.
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    GPA question

    Interesting. My DSs GPA remained the same from transcript to portal, and our district weights more heavily than many. I assumed that was not the converted GPA.
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    What if your ALO is kind of a dud?

    Thanks for this reply. My son is really lucky to have an incredible ALO. He’s been so helpful and a great guide. My husband went with my son for the ALO to administer the CFA. He mentioned that it seemed like this guy really liked my son. My husband joked that he knew my son would be heartbroken...
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    What if your ALO is kind of a dud?

    Steve, I’ve been reading your posts and appreciating your input. I was wondering if you’d ever had a candidate you were just really upset did not get in? Or conversely on that you were upset DID get in?
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    Uniform costs

    I would never have even thought to google this! Super helpful.
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    Poor GPA, but in extremely competitive and hard high school with a strenuous situation

    Just a mom, I know nothing, but you won’t know until you try. And then, if it doesn’t happen, you work hard for a year at another university and then you re-apply.
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    What if your ALO is kind of a dud?

    Our ALO has been so incredible and so invaluable. I was actually going to start a thread asking what an appropriate way to express our thanks might be, beyond just telling him thank you. I am consistently blown away by the time he takes helping my son and offering his help above and beyond what...
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    Just sharing

    Applicant Details: Gender: Male Race: White (non-Hispanic) - I will add that we are from probably one of the most diverse districts in the country. Height: 5’ 11 Weight: not sure Family: Uncle was enlisted in Navy, grandfather enlisted WW2. Not a strong family background of military service...
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    Very good students?

    I’ve got a really academically talented hopeful as well. I worry more that all his life he’s been the “one” kid at his school with the excellent grades, the crazy high test scores, the hard classes. It’s going to be such a seismic shift in his world to be surrounded by such high caliber...
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    To: Parents From: Current Cadet

    100% accurate. All I think about is Goose.
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    Leaving USAFA (Update #2)

    My motherly input. I would not want one of my children to derail their plans to care for me. The biggest gift to me would be for them to carry forward and ensure a good life when I was gone. However, you seem to be looking for a reason to go at times. Please, find something to run to, not just...
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    NASS reflections

    While I hope he attends a traditional university, and frankly picks a whole different path, I will be here to help while he decides. I do think USNA is unlikely, but rather a different Academy. Of course, whichever path he pursues will be his path. But I will keep in mind that the door is not...
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    NASS reflections

    Mine went to NASS and had the same conclusion. It’s too far from a true college experience for him. The goal is to commission and he found he prefers a different path to that goal. I’m thrilled. He’s having a little struggle with letting go of this lifelong desire.
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    Rising Firstie: Ask Away!

    Another question if it’s ok! DS has had some advice to pick an “easy” major (not STEM). He’s a good student in HS and does want to fly fighters. I think this is bad advice for after USAF. Any real-world experiences with hard v easy majors?
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    Rising Firstie: Ask Away!

    Son really wants to be a fighter pilot. We heard not many get to do so, but he’s heard it’s a clear path via the Academy. What’s your experience in reality, do you have a lot of control of your path?
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    NASS acceptance updates

    No word from DS yet, but that’s par for the course with him.