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    How did I do on the CFA?

    basketball throw: 75 feet Pullups: 18 (MAX) Shuttle Run: 8.3 Sit-ups: 85 Push-ups: 70 Mile: 6:45 I’m really worried about my mile time because I usually finish around 6:00 flat. I was exhausted by the time I started, and the heat index was 98. Am I ok?
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    Continue Application Error

    Hello, I opted to use my Summer Seminar application towards my application for the class of 2023. I received an email notifying me that I was officially an applicant. On the admissions website, however, the link to "Continue Application" comes up with an error that says "your connection is not...
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    Trying to get a head start for application

    From what I've read, the academy does rolling admissions, so I am trying to finish the bulk of the application during the summer. I was reading that the teacher evaluation is available on the "status page of your online portal." However, the portal says that I cannot update or access certain...
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    Summer Seminar

    I submitted my application back in December. My status currently says: your application is under consideration. Does this mean that the Academy has received the application?
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    Application Chances

    There's a great program for SAT prep through Khan Academy. Check it out.
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    Application Chances

    -Academic performance is key. The average GPA for the class of 2020 was 3.87. Keep grinding in your classes and aim to take more AP's. Take an ACT/SAT to get a true gauge of where you stand. -Your extracurriculars seem rather weak. It's good that you joined CAP but try to get to Squadron...
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    How are slots for SS decided?

    Summer Seminar
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    How are slots for SS decided?

    Besides the basic requirement of having a 3.0 GPA, does the selection committee make selections based on merit, or is it decided geographically? Also, do you recommend submitting test scores even though it's optional? Thanks.
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    Question About Test Scores

    Hello, all, Quick question about submitting test scores to the academy. If I were to submit my application early, but I scored higher on the ACT or SAT, would I be able to update my application with the new score? Thank you.
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    Varsity Letter

    I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find a sufficient answer. I go to a large, single-gender high school, and all of our sports teams are very competitive. Obtaining a varsity letter in track(which I am currently involved with) would be pretty difficult until I...
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    Choosing Classes

    I'm currently in Latin II, Pre-AP Math, Advanced English, Honors Chem, AP World History, and PE(requirement). I have decided all of my classes except for math; If I take Calc 1&2, I'll have to take Multivariable Calc senior year. Should I go that route or take AP Calc 1 junior year and Ap Calc...
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    Choosing Classes

    Good evening, I am currently a Sophomore heading into Junior year, and I need some help choosing classes. I apologize if this is off topic but help is greatly appreciated. I have currently been interested in applying to the Air Force Academy, and from what I've heard, selecting a challenging...
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    National Merit Scholar?

    Will being a national merit scholar have any benefits when applying to the academies? Obviously, I understand that scholarships mean nothing, but I'm curious if I should spend more time studying for the PSAT.