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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    1. Ex.BT.USN / DD / Feb 22 / Holy Cross / Tier 3 2. Amazed/DD/Feb 22/ MIT or University of Michigan (Undecided)/Tier 1 3. parentofhopeful/DS/Dec 17/VMI/Tier 1 4. teachersara/DS/March 14/Yale/Tier 1 5. NAVYCAPT93/DS/Feb22/Texas A&M/Tier 2/ 6. CrewDad/DS/Dec/YaleUndecided/T3 7...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    DS just received the TWE from USNA. (no worries though, 4-yr NROTC scholarship in hand and freshman year of college, tier 1, almost complete!!) Good luck to all those still waiting and those released, fair winds and following seas!!
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    NROTC Nom Appointments?

    Ditto here, DS has three noms (Congressional, Senatorial and NROTC) and is still CPR...I'm assuming at this point the NROTC nom, and competing for the 20 slots allowed to that nom source, is his best (last shot) this year to win an appointment.
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    If this a Good Friday CPR roll-call...then DS is still waiting in OK-01 with three Noms (Congressional, Senatorial, and NROTC). Good "hope" to all "still in the game"!
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    NROTC Scholarships

    DS was notified by email this morning that he picked up the NROTC 4-yr scholarship! He is a college programmer and second time applicant.
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    Denied NROTC Scholarship

    His CO My DS is a college programmer and his CO informed him his package was "in line" to be reviewed at this week's board.
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    Denied NROTC Scholarship

    I know the board met this week. My DS's package was in the que for this week.
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    Complete Pending Review

    Ha, I know my DS would wear it all the time when I'm around! sign me Sgt. Schultz...I see nothing!! I know nothing!! DS - is still in this for now I believe, still CPR on his portal. Good luck to all!
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    NROTC Scholarships

    Based on earlier "intel" on this forum, there are three boards yet for the 4-yr. March 19-23 April 9-13 April 23-27 :) 3-yr for college programmers will be applied for this spring if they did not receive a 4-yr.
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    NROTC Scholarships

    I believe so. The notifications went out yesterday late for winners/losers for the 4-yr scholarships. My DS is currently a college programmer and his CO told him his packet had not been reviewed yet and was in the que for next week's board. His NROTC unit had one CP receive a scholarship...
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    NROTC Scholarships

    Same day according to NavyNola from last year.
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    Submarine Junior Officer

    Awesome! My DS is just beginning the journey as a college programmer at State-U (boomer!) and hoping for a NROTC scholarship or appointment to USNA. But, I assure you, your DS's time at Ballston Spa was way more than "theory"!! Those are real reactors they are standing watch over. Of course...
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    NROTC Scholarships

    Bump. Should be some action this week from the board that met in late February. Good luck to all those who are still waiting for the awesome news!!
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    I would think that if it was a foodie decision, The Big Easy would be a slam dunk! My DS toured UNO last year, but decided on the in-state choice when he saw the dedicated shop space (complete with built race cars, rockets, etc.) for the engineering teams at OU. His sister on the other hand was...
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    Selected For NROTC

    Congrats to you and your DD BT3!! Awesome!
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    NROTC 3rd Board results taking longer than usual?

    Last year Tuesday, a week plus after the board met, seemed to be the magic day...maybe today with the holiday this week. We have quite a few college programmers waiting for the word at my DS's NROTC unit. Hoping the best for them...(Boomer!)
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Congrats to your DS jdawg! What district in OK?
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    Class of 2021 USMMA Appointment Thread

    DS received the turn down email on Thursday. Full speed ahead "damn the torpedoes" as he makes way for OU NROTC!! Good luck to all!!
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    Class of 2021 USMMA Appointment Thread

    Very nice. DS is graduated and excited about plan B at OU NROTC. But he says if Kings Point calls he's all in.
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    Chances of getting an appointment

    Yes, it seems like next week will be last chance except for a flyer or two. My DS is enjoying his senior year. But it amazes me how much he and other kids are doing during their senior year! Good luck to them all!