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    USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    rough estimate is around 6:30 or so when oath ceremony ends and 7:15 when they line up again to march into Rotunda.
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    I've been checking periodically, and this was finally posted to the plebe summer site at It is the co 2026 schedule... I-DAY Schedule of Events 0630 Commence processing for the incoming class (Alumni Hall). 0730-1730 USNA (Midshipman) Store open. 0800 Colors Ceremony (music...
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    SEAL Aviator 2.0

    I know of only enlisted SEAL members that were generally from the Dev Group that were offered their choice of orders and "chose" to go to civilian flight school and learned to fly King Airs and finished their final tour(s) in a flight billet that now exists. Have only heard of senior enlisted...
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    Thursday of PPW

    to the orig question...we scheduled to arrive Friday morning so that we could do a few things (DBIDS, relax, coffee) and then watch noon formation and pick up DD for liberty. Other than planning on seeing Bancroft room, we intended to hang at house with her and do what she wanted. We intend to...
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    Plebe Summer Walk-On

    If it helps, I tried to walk on for soccer, as I played on a two-year state championship team in HS. I was a life-long dinghy sailor, but wanted to try something else. After several hours of drills and skills, I was politely asked if I was interested in anything else! Actually heard one of...
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    USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    Not everybody gets their first choice immediately. Might come as a shock, but some hold on to the very last minute hoping to get their first choice and if it happens, can “happily” decline their back ups! Seeing a “decline” here just reinforces that it happens. So what?
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    Permit to Report Class 2026

    You won't until right before I-Day or even on I-Day! As per PTR, leave all requests for Alpha numbers blank.
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    Math placement

    I agree. Validating as if it gets you a medal is silly. Validate because you already know the material. Otherwise you will simply get buried from the weight of all that you have "forgotten". Validation may free up some schedule room, but academic probation will fill it up again!!!
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    PTR missing deadline

    I called the clinic at USNA and they said they would give the test there if you didn't have it yet. Don't think its a problem unless someone as heard differently.
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    PTR Packet -- Questions

    Plebe candidate fills that out and brings to I-Day
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    Attended NAPS but was not able to get an appointment

    The Naval Academy and ROTC applications have a section that asks if you have been suspended, expelled or been accused of an academic infraction from any high school, prep school etc., and to fully explain that offense. In the case of the naval academy, it is obviously not good, but it may be...
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    Permit to Report Class 2026

    Must be mailed by agency that completes it. Give SASE with form to local agency. The one we went to was familiar. Cost us $15.
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    Rates to study before I-Day

    Those items are expected to be known on I-Day
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    Rates to study before I-Day

    They stated several things to know in PTR gouge, chain of command, 1st 3 general orders and Mission of USNA. Answers are listed in Reef Points section of Welcome package near the back (around plebe summer stuff).
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    USMMA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    1) ParachutePanda/Self/November 30th, 2021/Declined/MOC/Direct/No LOA/FL 2) JacksonFarms/DS/December 02, 2021/Undecided/MOC/Direct/T&F Athlete/INDIANA 3)carson8644/Self/December 19th, 2021/undecided/Senator/Direct/LOA/VA 4)Chaggyc17/DD/December 24/decline/Senator/Direct/LOA/DE (Delaware)...
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    USMMA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    What an amazing opportunity! Blessed to have two great choices, and have accepted an appointment to USNA, so respectfully, DD has changed (14) from accepted to declined. Best of luck to all. What an amazing institution!
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    USNA Class of 2026 Appointment List: Self-Maintained and DIY

    01) nunz6/Self/Oct 25, 21/Accepted/Presidential Nom/direct appoint 02)aklore/DD/Oct25,21/Accepted/Presidential/direct appoint 03)Chris2026/Self/Oct25,21/Accepted/Presidential/direct appoint 04) ParachutePanda/Self/Nov. 5, 2021/Accepted/LOA/MOC/Direct Appointment/FL 05) Fmbr/Self/Dec. 9...
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    USNA Class of 2026 Waitlist

    Was preparing DD for shopping trip to supply her for Kings Point Summer, where she had previously accepted. Got the call from MOC yesterday and appointment offer. Headed to USNA to join 2026. Prayers and determination are indeed powerful!
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    USNA Class of 2026 Waitlist

    Where did you see/hear of the number of 1245 for appointments?