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  1. USNA_STEM_Prof

    College Schedule

    +1 for comp sci, but I'm biased. =)
  2. USNA_STEM_Prof

    Good luck ‘26!

    Thank you for sharing! I need to finish this darn PhD and get up there. Just seeing this brought a lot of joy.
  3. USNA_STEM_Prof

    Should I get a job?

    I didn't want to clean dog poop the rest of my life. :)
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    Top 5 Military or War theme movies/series in the past 30 years.

    Greyhound was surprisingly good and captured a lot of little shipboard details well. Strong recommendation @Capt MJ During NROTC our first XO was a Marine and taught a for-fun seminar using episodes from Band of Brothers as instructional tools. I still carry those lessons with me.
  5. USNA_STEM_Prof

    Most Entertaining Sport to Watch?

    MMA. My mom's boyfriend got the PPV for UFC 1 back in 1993 when I was a martial arts obsessed kid and I was addicted ever since. As a subset of that and my personal passion, BJJ is fun for me to watch as well as compete in.
  6. USNA_STEM_Prof

    Should I get a job?

    No offense to your father but he's simply wrong. And no offense to you, but as a 16 year old there aren't many "respectable" jobs available anyway, whatever that means in this context. You're looking to apply to an elite institution that certainly is Ivy League / white collar in prestige but has...
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    Plan B

    You're doing everything right. Developing plan B further doesn't make you any less prepared for plan A, it just helps ensure you get to your ultimate destination one way or another. Keep it up!
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    I successfully sent nearly 100 individuals to Navy OCS/ODS -- AMA

    Feel free to DM specific questions. A few pieces of general advice: - Regardless of what community you want to apply for, be it surface warfare, aviation, or supply corps, the best GPA in the most rigorous degree combined with a strong ASTB score are essential - All the things you did to be...
  9. USNA_STEM_Prof

    SEAL Aviator 2.0

    Doesn't surprise me. Astronaut training typically involves a lot of flight experience. From the article: "It is common for our Navy officers who are NASA astronauts to train with us if they have not had previous flight training"
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    I'm unbelievably excited to be a professor there and observe / support plebe summer. I've always loved training commands and enjoyed my various duties where I supported building the next generation. Yet, despite how famous plebe summer is within the Navy it remains this thing of legend since I'm...
  11. USNA_STEM_Prof

    ROTC vs OTS pilot slots

    For Navy I sent many individuals to OCS on pilot contracts when I served in recruiting. In my experience, I'd worry less about which avenue presents the greater likelihood and more on being as competitive as you can. Moreover, and much of this is out of your control, it is tragically easy to be...
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    Welcome aboard! While you may have finished as a CTM, my time as a 1st LT prompts me to call you Boats forever and ever. :)
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    Yup. Not the same thing but before I left for bootcamp I quit my job and had fun that entire summer. It was amazing and I was thankfully self aware enough to know it was the end of my "childhood." As such, I'll always cherish those memories with friends.
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    AP Physics or a selective engineering program?

    This. Go above and beyond in the most challenging / prestigious curricula available to you and you'll have no regrets.
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    How much money do you spend while on active duty?

    Depends on a lot. I've generally been able to find rentals under BAH that effectively saved me money as opposed to living on base. Later, I've bought homes so my mortgage builds wealth, later renting them (admittedly a headache at times) when I PCS. You have a car payment? Insurance? Cell...
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    MS paid for by the Army

    Slightly related -- I was selection for "Permanent Military Professor" at USNA. My full-time job is finishing my PhD and then I'll teach at USNA in uniform for 7-9 years before retiring. My position is, well, permanent. I'll never do another thing in the Navy. In the case of your DS this sounds...
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    Graduating Senior

    I went through nuke school both enlisted and as an officer. My short advice is "buckle up." :D Nuke school is very difficult and I once heard it described as the academic version of BUD/S (SEAL training). Students juggle three subjects at time, starting with Reactor Plant Systems (RPS), Math...
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    Should I pick USNA or USAFA?

    I think you’re fairly accurate. Navy nuclear power and all of the associated engineering is about as “physics” as you can get. Heck, the Naval Reactors HQ in DC has a huge office for “Chief Physicist.” However, based on your space/astronomy focus — I support your assessment. While the Navy...
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    Taekwondo team?

    Bjj forget I’m extremely excited to start as a USNA Prof. A close second is involving myself with the bjj club (been rolling a little over 11 years now). 👊😄