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    EKG - not required - get one anyway

    Yup, my wife, is an MD with A fib.........she swears by her Apple Watch with an EKG app. I'm not sure that the average 21yr old is really in touch with their heart rate enough to make good use of an EKG monitor. I agree with Mullen, there is alot that an EKG doesn't see. Given the physical...
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    Does a Candidate's Parent's status matter?

    In her 2c and 1c years my DD came home early for Thanksgiving break to make presentations at local high schools, rowing clubs, Etc.. It's actually been kinda hard for her to set up presos in our area. The average guidance counselor here isn't exactly a fan of the armed services or SAs. She's...
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    No Nomination - What Next

    Our family has ties to rowing in the PacNW area. "Lwrower45" handle piqued my interest (Lake Washington). I just figured to ask the question here before going to a PM. DD has been out here a couple of times during Thanksgiving to speak to prospective candidates, pretty sure she'd want to...
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    Leadership development for a teenager

    Two things: 1) I don't think you need to check all the boxes the same way. I understand that being a team captain is a good thing, but there are "most inspirational player", "most improved player", "most valuable player" awards too. I also think a 16yr old who teaches/coaches younger kids in...
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    Does a Candidate's Parent's status matter?

    CMDR Ernest Evans: Born into poverty and endemic alcoholism on the Pawnee Indian Reservation in 1908. He made his way to the USNA via enlisted competition, graduating in 1931. He earned the Medal of Honor at the Battle of Samar In 1944, and has a small plaque in the USNA Museum. If they ever...
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    No Nomination - What Next

    Lk. Wash.?
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    No Nomination - What Next

    When I spoke a staffer in my state 3-4 years ago, I was told that an LOA changed the focus of the interview/NOM process from a competition with other applicants to an in-person, inquiry into whether the LOA'd applicant is a "fit" for an SA, (i.e. Academy says the want you: is it clear that the...
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    I've read and responded to a couple of threads on this topic. Those posts are a couple of years old and probably over-long. 3.5 yrs in, with DD's USNA course work completed and her "dream job" ahead of her. I think I can boil it down some. "In the USNA, DD picked a school that actually has a...
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    Help with process??

    Hi Boris, You are in a good spot, lots of good advice and info here. In direct answer to your question: Yes, there are consultants in population centers who can help you ----------- a little. In 2016 on the recommendation of parents whose kids had gone on to college out of DD's team we...
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    Practical issues for being at Academy under age 18

    I think DD was the second youngest in her class ( 2020) and about 4 months short of 18 on Iday 2016. As noted above, there was a minor consent form DW and I to sign; no big deal. Plebe Summer is a great equalizer. If your son or daughter holds it together and pulls their weight in the squad...
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    Accommodations for I day

    Yup, I get paras 1 and 2. My own DD was loath to submit a chit for anything until midway through her 2c year (still pretty rare). That said, it seems like a Chit might work for PPW following the parade through just the weekend of PPW. I know that post PS a plebe can ask for a chit and it...
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    Accommodations for I day

    Just wondering, can a plebe put in a chit at say the beginning of PS to attend a Sisters Wedding? I know a plebe "rates" zip, but??
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    Accommodations for I day

    Lowes (Graduate Annapolis?) worked well for us on Iday 2016. About a 10-12min walk from the main gate. this eliminated "time in transit" uncertainties for us. We are on the West Coast, so we flew in for a couple of days to give DD just a few days to settle into east coast humidity in June...
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    First Reaction When Your DS/DD Decided to Apply?

    DD's application/appointment wasn't the culmination of a long term drive toward attending the USNA. She'd made application to the USNA along with a number of other top tier schools that represented competing "plan As". The moment for me was the evening she walked into my office to tell me she...
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    Merry Christmas

    DD has a "hard lock" on sea food from the moment she gets home until She boards a plane headed East to the USNA. So its Paella for us. Chorizo sausage, bone in chicken thighs, 4 Lobster tails (sues vide in butter-n-basil) 8 super jumbo prawns, 1lb Pudget soundnbutter clams, 1lb Pudget sound...
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    Breakdown of acceptances per state

    I don’t have ANY expertise in this area. I just know what my Acct tells me—-and a little reading on my own. I thought that: 1) DD/DS doing a separate return. 2) The 50% test relative to Mid “earnings” Would combine to preclude most parents from claiming deductions for a Mid.
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    Army-Navy 2019 Game Coverage

    Thanks A1 !!———————————-wait?
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    Breakdown of acceptances per state

    Whoops: A1? You mean “won’t” claim mids as dependents right? Merry Christmas BTW——- Unless you are in Seattle or San Fran .... “Happy FestiveUs” :rolleyes:
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    Army-Navy 2019 Game Coverage

    Well Crap! After watching march-ons for three years squinting at the TV for a look at my kid on national TV, this year a dispute between my cable company and the CBS network left us with no access (that we could find) to walk-on coverage. Bingo; halfway through the marginal streamed coverage...
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    Book Suggestions?

    Adding For Marine Ground DDs/DSs: ‘Last Stand of Fox Company’, (held a critical piece of road open at Chozin resivor). An almost unbelievable story