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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    The official response from admissions is all will hear BY April 1.
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    Please remember most people are NOT on this site. There have been many that have accepted and declined that are not posted here.
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    Better to decide now than when at USCGA or any of the SAs.
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    Class of 2024 AEP Parents Thread

    There were 6 cadet candidates that accepted appointments today at the end of AEP.
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    Some positive 4c stories please

    Mrspk. I just messaged you...
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    Regular Appointments when?

    You will hear by April 1.
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    AP Calculus AB or BC

    My DS took AP calc AB in his senior year and was accepted to USCGA. You just need to take a calc class and do well so you are ready for your 4C year at the academy. Taking calc is a must!
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    Registering for science- Jr year H.S. ?

    AP Chem or AP Physics are your best bet.
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    The BFEs are for EA applicants. They have not handed out RA appointments yet.
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    What Happened to Boxing?

    I just heard back from LT Mary Leon about the boxing program. This is what she told me: She has heard that it is going to be a cardio boxing club. It will not be competitive and will go off base to practice. That is all she knows at this time.
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    What to pack for overnight

    Yes bring a pillow and sleeping bag. She will be sleeping on a cot in a room with cadets. Khakis and a polo shirt and good shoes to walk up hills etc. Warm weather gear as well because it has been cold back there lately. She can wear her hair in a pony tail..
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    BFE Received!

    Congrats to everyone receiving the BFE. Please remember to read everything and fill out the paperwork correctly and on time. One last thing: when you send back documents to USCGA, send them priority mail so you can track them. My DS would put the return envelope in a priority mailer and...
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    USCGA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    R day this year is Monday June 29.
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    Back up Plans?(even when appointed) Thoughts?

    You all have to understand that you have to be behind your DS and DD %100. You and they have to have the confidence that they want to be there and succeed. If something happens to them during swab summer you will just have to punt and figure out what to do. They could go to community college...
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    How important is a visit if you have an offer?

    If there are any doubts about attending an SA then you and your son should attend AEP. This is a life changing decision for the student and for our country. As you have stated prior Montanaparent, he does not know anything about the military and Is also thinking about a career in medicine...
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    Best way to travel to New London?

    While there may be no fee to change a ticket with Southwest, you do have to pay the difference in the fare. And you have to hope that there are seats on the flight you want.
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    Problems with posting...

    I figured out what happened. I edited in preview mode and it was then flagged as improper. I deleted the whole thing and started over and it was fine. I now know only edit once posted. Thanks
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    Major change

    sanman is mostly correct in what he is saying however there have been changes to the curriculum. Cadets may take a few different classes in 4C year that pertain to their major. For example not every major takes Calc 1 and 2. Also cadets are not guaranteed to change their major. It depends on...
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    RD Question

    Agree. You will hear by April 1.
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    Problems with posting...

    I just reposted and this time it worked. Just cannot edit in preview mode.