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  1. shellz

    AIM transportation?

    Asking for a friend who is not on SAF. Will there be transportation from PVD for AIM? Her DD got a spot, but no mention is made in the paperwork. Thanks!
  2. shellz


    I read that the academy cut nearly 1/3 of its majors last March. (Social science/humanities types as well as general engineering and meteorology to name a few). Is there an updated list of majors available for perusal?
  3. shellz

    Early Action

    I see that CGA has reverted to one early action date this year. Maybe those "in the know" ( hi Objee :smile: ) can enlighten me. Will those not selected in EA be sent the TWE, or is there a chance that they might be deferred to RA?
  4. shellz

    San Diego Academy Forum on 9/17

    My son received an email inviting him to attend a USAFA sponsored informational forum on 9/17 in the San Diego area. The RSVP date was 9/16, and when he tried to respond on 9/15, the message indicated that the RSVP date had passed...which of course it hadn't. An email sent yesterday has not...
  5. shellz

    United Makes Good

    For those who followed the thread entitled "Not Flying United Again", here is the update. United was pretty much apologetic for the ticketing agent's lack of knowledge, as well as her supervisor's apparent misinformation. They promise to inform these employees of the company policy, which does...
  6. shellz

    Not flying United again

    I took our son to the airport last night for his return flight to CGA. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen with United...United agent told son that they do not consider Coast Guard eligible for no charge baggage. The very uninformed check in agent said CG is not military....:confused...
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    Can posts no longer be edited? Can't seem to find the "edit" button....:confused:
  8. shellz

    For the soon-to-be-swabs!

    I got this message this morning from CGAPA and thought I'd pass it on... The 2010 edition (class of 2014) of the CGA Cadet and Parent Handbooks are now online and available from our web site. Please pass this along to those who may be interested. Here's the link to the site...
  9. shellz

    Summer on Eagle

    I found this on the CGA site and am beyond excited for what the cadets get to experience this summer. Thought I'd share, so those with appointments, and those who will surely get the BFE soon, can be excited too! :cool:
  10. shellz

    Rev Run visits CGA

    Run DMC (Rev Run) was a guest speaker at CGA today....lectured son's English class on the similarities between rap and poetry. Gotta love the unexpectedly unique opportunities that son is being presented with! :cool:
  11. shellz

    4/c Boards!

    The pressure is on! 4/c are taking (and passing :smile::smile::smile:) their Indoc Boards. Whoo hoo....on the road to carry on. In a month or two maybe? Hopefully sooner, but given last year it wasn't til the end of April, I am not getting my hopes too high for the class of 2013...yet! Go...
  12. shellz

    Commisioning Standards/USUHS

    I have a question about the commissioning standards for Navy/Army/Air Force. Specifically, which branch (if any) might be more willing to grant a waiver for a tree nut allergy. My daughter's plan is to go to medical school, and given her interest in serving we thought we'd investigate USUHS a...
  13. shellz

    Coasties Making a Difference

    My son sent this to me this a.m. Gave me goosebumps to read what Coasties are doing in Haiti. The comments at the end? Oh geez....don't get me started. :eek:
  14. shellz

    For those who have appts. and those who wait

    Just received word that DS is safe and sound back in Chase Hall. Red eye + train ride + cab = one tired cadet, but he is "home". We were not sure what to expect with having him back in the nest after six months at CGA, but man were we pleased. He irons, he polishes shoes, he takes care of...
  15. shellz

    Parade in Brooklyn

    Rumor has it that some cadets from CGA are marching in a parade in Brooklyn today. Anyone have more info on that? :smile:
  16. shellz

    I love CGA

    Called the kid tonight, and he was 7:15pm. On a Friday night. How many other parents (other than present company!) can say that about their college freshmen? Seriously, I know that things will change over the years as the kids mature and are granted more freedom. But for right...
  17. shellz

    Missing my kid!

    Just checking loose ends and missing my kid. He hasn't written in a week and a half (I know, I know...not really that long, but it feels like an ETERNITY!) and after reading some of the other SA forums I am a bit calls home??? Is CGA the only SA not to allow a call...
  18. shellz

    R-DAY 2009

    Well, R-Day is over (for us parents) and I have to say it was WONDERFUL! For those out there still researching and contemplating CGA, I must say that the academy staff made what could have been a very traumatic day, very reassuring and bearable. It was hard to say goodbye, but after meeting so...
  19. shellz

    Thank you

    To all who have walked this longgg path with my family, thank you! Boarding passes are printed (:eek:), bags are mostly packed, son is out enjoying one last surfing session, and we are all ready to get going. We will be in New London tomorrow night, and hopefully we will get to meet some of...
  20. shellz

    Who is going to be there on RDay?

    Ok, I am hoping to put some faces and names together on Rday. Chime in if you will be there. We should try to meet sounds like the parents will have plenty of time to wander about between check in and swearing in. :thumb: