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  1. Katienavy?

    Happy birthday flyers!!!!!

    happy birthday mike :biggrin: =)) wooo 18 :cool:
  2. Katienavy?

    BGO Interview!!

    Hi quick question - I just got an email from my BGO telling me that, as I am in Chicago at Christmas (I fly in 7 days woooooo!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:) it would be "to my advantage" to conduct the interview face-to-face. Firstly, this is probably amazing! Especially seeing as she is the...
  3. Katienavy?

    Leadership? Interesting?

    Hey, the only thing I'm worried about for noms & the appointment (apart from grades of course), is the leadership I have. Currently, I am co-captain of a Latin Formation Dance Team that competes on a national level - Nationals on June 13th 2009 :biggrin:. We are also competing in an...
  4. Katienavy?

    Requesting a second Applicaton Packet

    Hi! So I was supposed to get an Application Package when my Initial App got accepted. That was 2 weeks ago, so not weird that I haven't yet considering the whole Europe thing and our postal service striking. Howeeeever, tampering with mail is not illegal here, and my mum says she wouldn't put...
  5. Katienavy?

    Competitive Method

    --> which one is that again?
  6. Katienavy?

    Navy unfairness

    I just noticed.... the Navy doesn't have it's own special emoticon!! - we have the Army: :tank: and :tank1: - we have the Air Force: :tomcat: - we have some random shooters (Marine Corps/Army?): :guns: and :guns6: and :guns4: ... So where's the Navy??! :biggrin: [and CG and MM?] tsss...
  7. Katienavy?

    The WORST Choice to Have to Make

    Not really off topic, but it fits here better than anywhere else.... I am standing in front of the biggest decision of my life, bigger than anything I've ever had and bigger than anything I hopefully ever will have: How do I choose between my dream university and an amazing career OR my...
  8. Katienavy?

    MANY BIIIG thanks to Mr Mullen!!!!

    Hi guys, I would just like to thank Mr Larry Mullen of the DoDMERB publicly for his detailed help!!! I had a lot of questions regarding the DoDMERB - the exam, the procedure and so on, as well as getting it done in Europe, which is specific to me. Though not an easy case and although I...
  9. Katienavy?

    Dual Citizenship

    Is anybody here in the same boat as I am, with an American and another, foreign, passport? Or parents, do any of your sons and daughters at USNA have dual citizenship? What did they have to do - were they allowed to keep theirs? I've sent an email to the Admissions Office asking what the...
  10. Katienavy?

    DoDMERB in Europe

    Can you get the DodMERB done here (specifically, Austria)? I am not even near this point yet (still need to apply for NASS even!), but it would be helpful to know if i need to fly to the States sometime to get it done! Thanks!
  11. Katienavy?

    No VARSITY sports

    Hi all! I was wondering -- I'm not part of any Varsity sports in my school. In fact, I don't play any sports for my current school and never have in high school. This is because I avidly train ice skating and (ballroom - latin mainly) dancing - and I'm one of my team's two captains, both of...
  12. Katienavy?

    IB & sports (scholastically/phys qualified?)

    hey just as a preliminary, i'm taking the International Baccalaureate, and am in the running for 40+ points (out of 45)... for my Higher Levels I'm taking Maths, English A1 and History (European - never had and probably won't get official exposure to American). for my Standards (which are...
  13. Katienavy?

    Hey from Europe! :)

    Hi all, I'm Katie and trying to decide if the Navy is right for me (props for those who guessed it from my username :wink:)... I'm American and Austrian, currently living in Austria. I will graduate high school in June 09 with a Bilingual (hopefully) International Diploma from an...