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  1. aznarkarus

    Navy/Air Force Watch this motivating video as we are getting ready to beat the Air Force, and watch CBS Sports this Saturday as we beat the Air Force. Keep up the spirit!
  2. aznarkarus


    I heard that USNA will be issuing all incoming plebes a laptop instead of a desktop; all other midn would be able to trade their current PCs for laptops for $100. Does anyone know if that's true?
  3. aznarkarus

    Police Record Check

    I am having a lot of trouble getting this darn thing filled out. It states that I need to have it completed at every jurisdiction that I fall under, but none of the agencies are willing to cooperate. I went to the school police--they told me to go to the city police. I went to the city...
  4. aznarkarus

    Am I allowed to...

    ... cook my own food? ... unscrew the PC box and replace the parts? ... roller-skate around the yard? (I thought it would be interesting to know if I could do some of these things while at the academy. I know the specific rules vary from company to company, but before I could begin...
  5. aznarkarus

    Plebe Summer Testing

    I would greatly appreciate if somebody answers any one of the following questions: 1. Which subjects will I be tested on? 2. Which topics does each test cover? 3. What is the general format? 4. How much time is allowed? 5. What score must I get in order to pass/fail/validate an exam...
  6. aznarkarus

    What's the point of a nomination?

    I know it's a blunt question, but I'm wondering that if a MOC commission mirrors academy's criterion (not even as strictly), why is it mandatory?