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  1. Roman

    Underage Drinking Project

    I partook in a leadership course this last semester, and a big part of it was having your own “leadership project.” I came up with ending cadets drinking underage (at USAFA). It’s always bothered me that it gets shoved down our throats not to lie, cheat, or steal, but gets almost completed...
  2. Roman

    Divorced Parents and Parents' Weekend

    I have divorced parents that do not want to see each other. For those who have been through Parents' Weekend before, do you think that the weekend could be split up or would it just be better to only have one parent come? My mom went to orientation with me, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal...
  3. Roman

    Validating Calculus

    I'm currently in Calc 2 at a state college. It's been a year since I've had Calc 1, and I can only remember the very basics. If I want to validate into Calc 3, will I need to review Calc 1 for a validation test or will I just be tested on Calc 2 stuff? I suspect I'll end up with a B+ in my Calc...
  4. Roman


    I heard that cadets are required to take a foreign language. I believe that for AFROTC you are only required to if you have a nontechnical major. So at the Academy does everyone have to take a foreign language or only the nontechnicals?
  5. Roman

    Northwestern or MMI?

    I'm having a tough time deciding between the two for Falcon Foundation. I'm already fully accepted into MMI's SAP program and I have an AFROTC scholarship so it would be free to go there (except I converted my scholarship to 3 year, so I it might not apply or I'll have to change some stuff, not...
  6. Roman

    Mass Appointments

    I know that most appointments are given out in March, but doesn't anyone know which week? I'm going nuts waiting, it's been a full year since I started my application.
  7. Roman

    Computer Science

    What programming language is used in the CS classes? Thanks.
  8. Roman

    NROTC Marine Option

    Has anyone heard results from the February board?
  9. Roman

    Uh.. What?

    About two weeks ago, it showed up online that I had received a nomination from Senator Klobuchar to the AFA. Today, I got a letter from Klobuchar saying I DID NOT receive a nomination. I am assuming (and hoping) the letter is the mistake. I'm going to call the office on Monday.
  10. Roman

    Obama to End Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy

    I can't say that I'm happy about this:
  11. Roman

    USAFA Counselor

    I've tried calling my admissions counselor 3-4 times in the last few months and only ever received an answering machine (times varying throughout working hours). No email address is listed online for my counselor (apparently other candidate's have their counselor's email displayed). Yesterday, I...
  12. Roman

    Pilot Qualified

    For my DODMERB eye exam I was found to be slightly nearsighted, but apparently it's not bad enough "to need glasses." Six months prior to this I went to the eye doctor for a regular exam and was 20/20. Is it likely that I am not pilot qualified? Will my ALO know if I am? I only care for the...
  13. Roman

    Nomination w/o letter or phone call

    I checked my AFA online application a few days ago and a nomination showed up from my MOC. My interview was in November. I never received a phone call or a letter. Is this unusual or should I expect a letter to come in the coming days? I'm excited, but there's still a bunch of questions...
  14. Roman

    ACT scores for a LOA

    I just got my December ACT scores back and I improved significantly. All my scores are either a 30 or 31 now (except 27 for writing). I was wondering if I don't get an appointment this year and I reapplied for the Class of 2014, would those ACT scores be in the LOA range? Or would I even have a...
  15. Roman

    Inquiring about when I'll hear back

    I had my interview with my Representative on Nov 22 (three weeks ago this Saturday). I was told by someone who worked for the Rep that I would find out the results sometime last week. I have emailed the same guy before asking when the interviews would be and I'm wondering if it would be okay for...
  16. Roman

    ACT Scores

    Does the NA only look at math and English or do they take into account science, reading, and writing too? I'm just wondering because those two are all that show up online. Does anyone know the average ACT scores of those who received appointments? I'm wondering if they are different from the...
  17. Roman

    Updating Resume

    I would like to know how I should update my resume. I have a few things I want to add and I was thinking that I would just send my regular resume to the admissions office. Is that how I should do it? Should it include a goal statement? Should I highlight what's different? Some of the new...
  18. Roman

    Paying For VMI

    I'm wondering if it's even possible for me to go to VMI if I get accepted and receive a ROTC scholarship. The ROTC scholarship would cover the $22K/yr in tuition, but there's still another $11K/yr in room and board and other fees. I don't qualify for any of VMI's scholarship because they all...
  19. Roman

    My ACT Scores

    Below are my scores and I only have the test in December for a chance to bring them up. I'm wondering if I should focus on bringing up the English and Math because those two are most important or if I should focus on Science and Writing because those two are the lowest. I've taken the test three...