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    concrete answer?

    so how can ROTC which produces the same result as west point give a waiver and usma not? How can I deploy on active duty ( currently vision green on medical readiness) and use an m4 to protect myself and others, drive military vehicles, but not be eligible for a waiver?
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    Usma round 3

    So this is round three of applying applying from active duty w/ 14mnths of service chances?
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    Active to USMA

    Currently I'm a high school senior. I'm graduating in June eight out of 220. I have lettered in varsity softball 2 years. volleyball 3 years track 1 year and cheerleading 1 year. I also played softball in a community league. I am VP of student council and the varsity club. Secretary of SADD. I'm...
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    :confused:As to why AROTC has the same requirements as USMA and I can get a waiver for AROTC and not USMA????:unhappy:
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    Chances of AROTC scholarship

    I'm a senior in high school and interested in an AROTC scholarship. My compact resume: class rank-8 of 214 gpa- 95/99 diploma recieveing- advanced regents diploma w/ honors and principals prestigious award. nhs sadd student council volunteer hospital, elementary school, rec...
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    Enlisted Active to USMA

    When one is an active duty soldier and they don't need a vision waiver to serve when they apply to west point will they need to go through dodmerb and get a waiver
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    I am enlisting and was wondering how long I should do so if i want to reapply to west point
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    I'm applying to the Merchant Marine Academy now and I knew that I would need to get a vision waiver. I was told that the final decision was the academies. On the dodmerb sight it reads waiver denied and on the schools sight is says medical status pending. When I was told I didnt get a waiver for...
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    principal noms

    What does it mean to get a principal nom and how do you know what you got
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    New York!!

    A little intro about me: My name is Meghan and I'm from a small town along the Delaware River. I attended West Point's SLS in 2008! Applied to west point but wasn't granted a waiver for vision. After wanting to go to West Point for about 10 years by dreams needed to shift because after all...
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    Cfa run time

    Is a 7 min 19 sec run time acceptable for the cfa redo??
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    Hair cuts

    For those who have received thier packets for usmma 2013: I heard they were thinking about changing the hair cut requirements for girls. Just curious if they had?
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    Chances of Admission/nomination for USMA class of 2013

    I was just looking for some comments on my chances for the class of 2013 for USMA. GPA: 4.0 (95) Rank: 8 of 230 Activities: -Varsity volleyball-3yr-2007 season most dedicated-2008 cpt. -Varisty softball-2yrs -Varsity cheerleading-1yr -Varsity indoor track-1 yr -Student Council-l yr...