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  1. FatherOfFive

    ROTC - 1st year.

    My son received a 4 year NROTC scholarship to his 1st choice of schools. The school has not yet accepted him, but according to the NROTC officer on campus, his test scores put him in well above the doubtful threshold. Since he didn't submit his application until the day before the deadline he...
  2. FatherOfFive

    Computer Security added to AF mission.

    As I understand it, the Air Force has been given the responsibility to secure and defend computer networks for all 3 branches of the military. Since my son is not currently pilot qualified (eyesight) and may not ever be, he is interested in this as a career option (among others). Can...
  3. FatherOfFive

    MidTerm Reports

    My son has turned in his best semester grades ever. Finally straight A's and 4 AP courses to boot. Q: Is there a special form that my son is supposed to give to the Guidance Counselor of his high school? Q: Or does the academy expect the High School to just use whatever form they use for...
  4. FatherOfFive

    Disaster Interview.

    My son completed his interview for a nomination to the USNA on Saturday. He said it was a disaster! One of the panelists challenged him on a response and got him flustered and things just went kind of downhill from there. My son said that once he got flustered he just kind of babbled after that...
  5. FatherOfFive

    What a Jerk!

    Senator elect Webb shows off his manners. I was willing to give Webb the benefit of the doubt. But not anymore... what an ***. Yes he has every right to be an ***, but he is an *** none the less...
  6. FatherOfFive

    NROTC - How does a recruiter help?

    My son has completed his NROTC scholarship application online but has not yet submitted it. The website recommends that he review his application with his NROTC recruiter before submitting his application. Q: What is the role of the NROTC recruiter? In what way does he/she help? Thanks...
  7. FatherOfFive

    What does this mean?

    My son received his DODMERB results in July that showed him as: USMA - qualified USAFA - Commission qualified The next page contained a page of notes. #9 on this page read in part... "You are qualified for the USNA, however if your vision..." You know the rest. Since my son wears...
  8. FatherOfFive

    Adding an Academy to DODMERB results

    My son is thinking of adding another service academy to the 3 he is already applying for. His physical is already completed and he has received at least a minimum qualification to all 3. Now he is thinking about adding either the Merchant Marine Academy or the Coast Guard Academy or both...
  9. FatherOfFive

    Candidate Visits

    Q: Does the AFA offer Candidate Visitation Weekends? I see on the website they offer day visits: What are the hours of the day visits? Thanks in advance.
  10. FatherOfFive

    Validating of some Physical requirements

    As I understand it, The Naval Academy has a swimming and wrestling requirement and that if you can demonstrate proficiency at them you can validate these and thus gain a couple of extra hours per week in your schedule. Q: Does anyone know if a similar opportunity exists at the Air Force...
  11. FatherOfFive

    CFA Benchmarks

    I found some old "PAE" statistics in a brochure the guidance counselor gave my son. The PAE contained 5 events - 3 of categorys are still used on the Candidate Fitness Test. The stats are from a "recent" West Point class. Averages for Men / Women Pull ups 8.8 reps for men / 22.4 seconds...
  12. FatherOfFive

    Cheap Air Fares for Mids/Cadets/Students - sometimes.

    File this away - it may save you some bucks some time. I have interviewed a dozen Mids or their parents in my state. Virtually none of them were aware of X-Fares program AirTran offers for all people (not just mids) aged 18-22. Basically if you are willing to fly standby, you can fly for $69...
  13. FatherOfFive

    Status: Initial Evaluation Pending

    My son completed his preliminary application to the USMA around June 20th. The website is still showing his status as initial evaluation pending. Q: Is this normal for the initial evaluation to take this long or should my son follow up with admissions? Thanks.
  14. FatherOfFive

    Candidate Fitness Assessment

    Q: Can you retake and resubmit your scores for the CFA if you have already submitted these scores on the website? Thanks
  15. FatherOfFive

    Teacher evaluations / recommendations

    My son is wondering if he can/should substitue his Honors Physics teacher for his Math teacher as far as the teacher evaluation/recommendation goes. Although he did quite well in his Alegebra II and Pre-calc classes as a junior - the teacher knows that my son did not apply himself. His...
  16. FatherOfFive

    GPA calculations... What courses count?

    Does anyone know what courses count toward the GPA the academy(s) use? My son takes mandatory classes in Religion and Latin. His school transcripts use these courses to compute his G.P.A. And he may have at some point have taken an elective along the lines of underwater basket weaving. Q...
  17. FatherOfFive

    2005 SAT stats for candidates offered admission

    My son's high school provides access to a website that contains information about most every college in the U.S. Here are the SATs from that site: --------------USNA--------------- 500-599 600-699 700-799 M 17% 50% 33% V 29% 50% 21% --------------USAFA--------------- 500-599...
  18. FatherOfFive

    DodMERB Packet received

    My son just received his pre-physical packet from DoDMERB instructing him to make appointments with the designated contractors and the paperwork he is to bring with him to the exam. I was expecting the paperwork to include a form that gives DODMERB the ability to gain access to his medical...
  19. FatherOfFive

    "Not Competitive" Letter

    My son recently completed his preliminary application to the Air Force Academy about 3 weeks ago. Today he received a letter from the AFA stating that based on his application, he is currently not competitive. Here are the pertinent details: White Attending a private prep high school (the...
  20. FatherOfFive

    Tricky Situation regarding Hernia

    My son is going to get his physical in the next 35 to 45 days. He was born with an umbilical cord hernia about the size of a dime about 2 inches above his belly button. We never did anything about it because it is without symptoms and has never been tender and we were never advised otherwise. We...