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    Our mid is in a 6-man room. By choice.
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    My BGO

    Why would it be weird? That's what they're supposed to do?
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    PPW Packets

    PEP was closed to parents for 2012, and it is closed to parents again for 2013.
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    I'm not going to search for the source right now, but one article I read on this situation indicated that she came forward, and requested a WAIVER to the requirement that she take the leave of absence. The leave is basically intended to allow for the birth of the child (and probably either...
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    Marvin, the pictures aren't for the kid--they're for the parents. I don't think any of the parents have any notion that they're buying the pictures to preserve memories for their current-plebes! This is all about the difficulty in raising a child for 17, 18, 20 years...and then they disappear...
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    Plebe Summer Parades

    Go here: and click on "June, July, August 2009 Composite Calendar of Events"
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    Plebe Summer Pictures

    I don't know if they trim the girls' hair, but PPW would give you a chance to take her to a salon for a trim/shape up if she needs it! They feed them something like 3000+ calories a day at meals, but they're probably burning at least that many! Our son wanted chewy nutrigrain bars and chewy...
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    Plebe Summer Pictures

    Hey Mom, the boys get their hair cut every 10-14 days during Plebe don't get used to it! :wink: It's always GREAT to see pictures. They usually look healthy, and if not HAPPY, at least confident and competent!
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    wait list

    We had two contacts from our son's BGO. One--he sent an email to our son setting up a date and time for the interview. Two--he came to our house and interviewed our son. That was it. Ne'er another contact before, after, ever. Having said that, there is another BGO in our area (about 100...
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    Summer Birthday

    USNA1985--your description sounds exactly like our mid's calls during Plebe Summer last year.
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    Greatest Challenge at Academy

    Zaphod--where ya been? Missed ya around here!
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    Just in Case I Don't Get In

    My son had no backup plan! He wanted to go to USNA and that was it. I'm not sure I'd recommend that. He did get offered a foundation scholarship, took it, and went to prep school for a year before he got in. There are other options to consider besides ROTC.
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    Be sure your signed up for I-DAY PICNIC!

    Good description, Capt MJ! Can't believe it's been a year. Feels like yesterday....almost feels like a lifetime ago. Weird.
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    Be sure your signed up for I-DAY PICNIC!

    It was expensive but worth it to us--and we're penny pinchers. Right on the yard. Big tent full of things to sign up for, free giveaways (I'd have paid the $65 for the big bag that says "Proud Parent of a Naval Academy Midshipman Class of 2012" on it....has their class list on the side of it...
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    MOC Nomination - choose now?

    This is what I would recommend as well. My son was the same. USNA was all he wanted. It's the only school he applied to!! He applied to all sources for a nom to USNA. He had no desire whatsoever to go to any other academy or any other school. Once he got one nom, he notified his other...
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    Naval Academy Summer Seminar 2009

    How were Sea Trials 2009, oh Echo?
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    teeth retainers while at USNA

    I thought you were supposed to have COMPLETED all orthodontic treatments before acceptance or reporting to USNA. That should include retainers. I know orthodontists will say that you should wear the retainers every night for the rest of your life. That's not realistic. If that's the stage...
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    I think you're right, USNA1985, on a company to company basis, of course. I think some plebes in some companies had iphones, but were not to use the music players. Plebes were issued computers, obviously, that were capable of playing videos and music that they don't "rate" as well. They are...
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    Plebe Summer Shoes/Miscellaneous

    Yes. :wink: They're supposed to be all white, but it's darn hard to find shoes that are 100% white. White with a blue accent is still mostly white. White with black stripes on the side is probably still mostly white. Black is not white. White toes with orange sides and blue not...
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    importance of eagle scout adn math SAT

    It seems that Admissions would look favorably on an award--like Eagle Scout--that recognized consistent effort, the ability to set goals, and the persistence to reach those goals. There are many ways to do that. It's not a disrespectful remark against Eagle Scouts in any way. If you have it...