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    Common Sense Does Not Apply

    You have GOT to be kidding! We have bases in Minot and Greenland? Can somebody please apply some common sense to this! Thanks...
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    Type of work at USNA

    Not a current Mid here (Older than the girl's Dad most likely) but you may or may not be asking the right question. Any individual class is not the problem. It is the whole thing that causes a problem. You HAVE to take a sport, and you HAVE to attend. You have to go to bed with lights out...
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    Superintendent's Nomination

    Congrats on your Appointments. The reason nobody has offered an opinion is that there is no possible way to give you odds or numbers or percentages for getting into your top choice Academy, whatever it is. You put the 'smart thing' in quotes, as if you now regret it. Again, there is no way to...
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    Able to find balance during USNA?

    And, good one, Marciemi
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    Able to find balance during USNA?

    Getting back to jomass and the original post,"... when do you get to be well rounded...", I would say to think of it this way. You get no liberty or privileges the first year, although some may be earned. Think 'bootcamp' for 11 months. If you get through that, there are progressively more...
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    Son with LOA waiting on appointment - Question

    Sounds like a lot of people have good news. Congrats to all!!
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    Question about validating classes

    There are two and maybe three parts to your question that I think would be worth a minute to make clear. The first is that you have no control over going to NAPS, other than to decline it. You can't apply for it. You can't really ASK for it. It exists for a certain type of applicant. What...
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    Annoyed? Really? If your MALO 'annoys' you, the whole USMA thing may be a bit different than you expect. If you simply let the Liaison Officer know you won't be taking the SAT, I'm sure he will stop bothering you.
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    Older Mids???

    That last question is a pretty good one. One of the more important things is to show that you are going the "O" program whether USNA comes through or not. Also, that you know USNA is painful and you won't quit. With future college in your plans, USNA and 21 give more options than the Goat...
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    Older Mids???

    They call it being the "Grandfather" of your class. It is best if you understand at the outset that having a good sense of humor is going to be important the first year (actually all 4 years, but one thing at a time). Everyone is singled out for something at some time, and you will get your...
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    The detail is great! Appreciate all that you and the Moderators do. Merry Christmas to all...
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    Christmas Eve Story

    I had never heard of this Canadian Tradition. Not sure how I can hear it tonight but will post it if I figure it out. Merry Christmas to all!
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    Appointed to NAPS

    All of the above. Make copies of everything before you mail it. Congrats!
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    Books about the Academies

    "A Sense of Honor" is GREAT for USNA. I actually read it while a Plebe. Some things never change. Not sure about the other Academies. Maybe something like "A Bus Driver's Guide to Colorado Springs..." would help those looking further west... Happy Holidays
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    This should be required viewing

    I wish I had the power to require this to be viewed throughout the country at this time of war in our country. Feel free to cut/paste this link to e-mail to your friends and families. Merry Christmas and safe holidays to all of us.
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    March on formation

    Crazy Navy, not focused on Marching! What are they THINKING? As all of West Point is saying right now... Maybe next year!
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    Navy:17 / Army: 3

    The score does not reflect how close this was! Great Game! Again!
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Another great game. No wonder the entire nation is willing to watch. And while the Navy coach did everyone proud with his parting words, the Army team and coach have consistantly shown the same grace and respect so the words may not have been much different had the final score been reversed...
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    Army-Navy Time!

    Get off the forum and watch the game!
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    Friend missed nom deadline

    There are almost no rules for the MOC selection process. They self impose several outlines to be fair and to simplify and standardize the process. Nobody will get in trouble if the MOC goes outside their own self imposed schedule. There are plenty of Academy stories about coming from behind...