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  1. MChansard

    Parent weekend -- Thursday

    just park in the visitor's cetner or arnold hall lots and they can walk over there to see you. there's absolutely no problem with that except for the whole "four degrees can't use arnold hall on weekdays." so just hang around outside!
  2. MChansard

    Reflective armband worn by basics during BCT2

    it's always blue reflective belt means injury, and last year during basic those other colors meant they had swine flu or something of that nature...
  3. MChansard

    I-day is here

    I can hear it all going on outside my window, and i can see it all, too. a lot of seven basic responses... if it's any consolation, a lot of us would just like to go up to your kids and give them a big hug right now. i feel so bad!! of course, that won't happen, we'll just hardly be watching...
  4. MChansard

    Longest distance ran during Beast?

    Even the seniors still breathe heavy after walking up the stairs:wink:
  5. MChansard

    Stationery/Letters During Beast

    cadre can't read your mail, they don't care about your mail unless you have a picture you need to turn in -they will ask, you will give. they may or may not ask if anyone has anything funny or interesting, only because everyone wants a good laugh. just because your letter is pink or someone...
  6. MChansard

    Bedsheets to summer seminar?

    that's strange. i remember using the same sleeping bag and pillow for navy and air force, but at west point they issued us sheets to make the bed.
  7. MChansard

    Immunizations for appointees

    I made several trips to the doctor to make sure i had every shot i needed, because i really hate them. Probably one of the worst parts of I-day for me was having blood drawn and finding out that for some reason I needed another shot... not fun :thumbdown:. i was already distraught from having...
  8. MChansard


    running in my boots helped me a lot- to break them in and build some more muscle. just a suggestion! :thumb:
  9. MChansard

    Parents Weekend 2010

    most squads have some sort of function in the afternoon, after classes end, and then we are released friday evening. on saturday morning, your cadet will need to be at their football tailgate at whatever time their squadron says to be (usually 9:30 or something like that). once the football game...
  10. MChansard

    Orientation Clothes

    if you want to go for a run or workout or something, send me a pm and if one person can't take you, i definitely can. i've learned a lot about athletic standards and working out here! :thumbdown::wink: and don't get so worked up about what you wear. reading these stories and seeing first...
  11. MChansard

    And I thought AF food was supposed to be good...

    there's no pleasing anyone. what half of us like, the other half doesn't. i'm just glad i don't have to eat whatever it is at attention anymore :thumb:
  12. MChansard

    Playing Soccer at USAFA

    i'm not 100% sure about the IC soccer, though my boyfriend decided not commit to the ic team, and his roommate is on the team, so i can ask them more information if you would like. the only thing i do know is that there is a club soccer team.
  13. MChansard

    Getting to I-day

    you do the bed and breakfast program, they might or might not be your sponsor's in the long run, though they can be. i and my bed and breakfast family requested that and it all worked out :thumb: having your parents there or not just depends; i didn't because it was easier to deal that way.
  14. MChansard

    Cell Phones

    my squad got them back after parents weekend and for a while did the whole "if you suck at this, then you don't get them." but then a few of my classmates had serious car trouble up in denver on the interstate and had no way of contacting anyone, so we got them back for safety purposes. they...
  15. MChansard


    so far from my squad, it's mainly been sophmores getting the boot or choosing to leave due to grades. i've been on academic probation and pulled myself out of that hole. i promise, everything here is feasible and achieveable.. did i even spell those right?!:rolleyes: if you put in the...
  16. MChansard

    Never Thought I'd see the Day--Pagans at USAFA?

    the MRFF is/was up for a nobel, right?
  17. MChansard

    Mile Run

    it's okay, they requested that i retake mine to get a pullup, but i didn't do much better. you could try sprint/jog or light run intervals, that way maybe a few seconds recovery will give you the mentality and energy. unless your jog/run was a flat out walk, it could really help.
  18. MChansard

    Staying in shape... during BCT?

    if you're recuited for a certain sport, then they will assign you an intramural that your coach picks ( i.e. swimmers will go to swimming, runners will go to cross country, baseball players go to softball, football goes to weights, basketball to basketball, volleyball to volleyball, etc.)...
  19. MChansard

    Girls HAIR length question

    sorry this post is a while in response! so busy!! my hair is not so much a "bun" it's more like a wrap. what i do is just secure it in a low ponytail, and then twist my hair around and secure that with 1-2 more rubber bands. it stays up just fine, and personally i think it's easier and more...
  20. MChansard

    Girls HAIR length question

    i'm pretty sure i sat in that room for 20-30 minutes and the cadets in there told me to keep trying until i got it right. my hair is just over 2 feet long, and i never had trouble with it. my hair is very curly though and i got it permed straight before basic so that it would not get really...