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    Opportunity to Ski or Snowboard as a Doolie

    When our son graduated from the Academy, I thought his diploma should say a minor in snowskiing and mountain jeeping as well as Spanish :-) He spent alot of time in the mountains...including his freshman year snowskiing.
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    The U.S. Armed Forces Blended Retirement System

    Gokings814: Just to clarify when you say above "The TSP is beneficial too because of the matching contribution" - I thought there was no current matching contribution for Active Duty AF officers. Can you clarify? Are you talking about the new plan starting in 2018? Thanks.
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    The U.S. Armed Forces Blended Retirement System

    You are right it does say up to 10%... the email from my nephew said it paid 10% so I was going off that.
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    The U.S. Armed Forces Blended Retirement System

    Our son is deploying. My nephew (active duty AF) made us aware of the following. I don't know where else you would get guaranteed 10% interest rate with no risk on $10,000. If only applies if you are deployed to an eligible combat zone...
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    Wow, AFA Losing Cadets!

    Something to factor in is all the opportunities available to you at the Academy. Our son did the following (all paid for by the USAFA): 1. Summer after freshman year - Freefall Jump training; Combat Survival Training for 3 wks 2. Summer after sophomore year - language immersion for 3 wks. in...
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    Eye Problem (USAFA)

    It should not disqualify you. My son wears contact lenses flying. If I recall correctly, his vision was about like your numbers, but not considered bad enough for the Academy to do the surgery. The Academy will decide if your vision is "bad enough" for the surgery. If not, then you wear...
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    Random Questions

    Yes you can take him some contact lenses. My son actually took a new, unopened pair to BCT that were returned to him with his bag a few days before Acceptance Day. However, he could not wear them for the Acceptance Day, but only because he had an eye infection from Jack's Valley. He did...
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    Doolie Day Out

    Have your son or daughter send you a selfie picture with their phone on Doolie Day Out - a picture of them that you won't have to search thru Webguy to find them!
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    Language Opportunities at USAFA

    Our son's (class of 2013) exchange semester was the fall of his senior year. He did language immersion the summer after his sophomore year and then worked at a foreign U. S. Embassy the summer after his junior year.
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    Graduation- rental houses

    USAFA Parents: We used the below company/gentleman to rent a house from for our son's graduation May 2013. The house and price was AWESOME! We were SO pleased! The home owners were GREAT! We rented a VERY custom 4300 sqft house for $2500 for a week. No extra cleaning fees and a $250 refundable...
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    Contact Lenses at the USAFA Summer Seminar

    Son wore his contacts. You will don't do anything dusty or dirty.
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    Vision and Air Force

    I my son wears contact lenses for nearsightness with power level of either 1.25 or 1.50 in each eye. When he was at the Academy I know it was 1.25. At that time it was not considered severe enough for surgery correction. He got a pilot spot and has completed UPT. He wears his contacts when...
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    Rated slots out today!

    What base did you get C-17's to?
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    Congrats! I remember that day 6 years ago at our house. Exciting times :smile:
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    TAMU Aggie Band

    My nephew did it (Class of 2005), but it took him 5 years even though he was very sharp and went in with AP credits. Graduated with a BS in Nuclear Engineering and commissioned a 2 Lt. in the Air Force.
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    Rated slots out today!

    It is when you do not pass a checkride in UPT. I believe there are 4 checkrides in the T-6. You only get one 88 ride. If you pass that you continue on with your training. If not, you go to an 89 ride, which if you don't pass that, the only way you go on is with a commander's approval. I may...
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    Rated slots out today!

    0ur son started UPT last Nov. with 27 students and only 20 made it to track so that is a lot higher than 1 per class. 1 of those was for something other than washing out so that still left only 21/27 to track, and they still have about 2.5 months to go. Of course, I don't have information if...
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    Rated slots out today!

    Yes, USAFA cadets put in their preferences for UPT bases - either Vance, Sheppard, Laughlin, or Columbus.
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    Rated slots out today!

    I saw the unusually low # of drops for Laughlin and Columbus posted on Baseops from the last assignment night. I knew Vance was not anywhere that low in number of people left in the class so I wondered why such a big difference. Our son will drop in Dec. and there are 20 left in his class that...
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    PIMA & fencersmother take over the world

    Pima, Are you saying that your son's class lost 7 more after tracking?