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    At long last!. The Marine Corps has a new boot Lt! It didn't happen quite the way it had been envisioned four years ago and it survived BuMed losing his records but he finally was pinned a 2ndLt. yesterday in Washington Square in Philadelphia. As always, the Corps can put on a great ceremony...
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    I have been trying to make time to report on the second half of the PLC program having witnessed (via mail and Graduation) the six weeks of Echo Company, 3rd Platoon 1st Increment, Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Reading Pima's dislike of the Marine 105's making living around Quantico...
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    Women on Submarines

    I thought this article would gin up a lot of conversation. Having served on boats for a lot of years, I can say with authority that this is the worst idea ever. ADM Roughhead: Take your new SecNav with you on a couple of attack boat deployments and then come back and say, with a straight face...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Just wanted to send out best wishes for all Officers and Sailors, current, past and future, the most powerful and versatile force in the world: The United States Submarine Force! Birthday: April 11, 1900. OOOGA! Dive! Dive! Smoking Lamp is lit; Brandy and a cigar!:biggrin:
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    Inguinal Hernia, Again.

    HMC, Background: We have a candidate that was 3Q'ed with nomination for the USNA Class of 2011. Unfortunatly, he did not make the final cut in April but is motivated to persue a second try for an appointment for the class of 2012. He did his DoDMERB physical last November and was...
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    Frayed Nerves and Urinary Incontenance

    I have been looking for a quality forum for applicants and parents for over a year now and have just found you all! Like many of you parents and applicants, we are "patiently" waiting for the positive envelope from Admissions. My son is like your children, dedicated and commited to...