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  1. USNA2011Dad

    Fleet PRT standards?

    Has any one else heard that the new commandant has adopted fleet standards for the PRT at the Naval Acadmey?
  2. USNA2011Dad

    A few questions

    My daughter is now a candidate for the USAFA. I have looked these up but still have not found a clear cut explanation for the following terms. I am only familiar with the Naval Academy. 1. What is the AFA's I Day called? 2. What is the AFA's plebe summer called? 3. What is a Dooley? 4...
  3. USNA2011Dad

    Plebes no more

    Herndon climb ..... 2 hours, 40 minutes. YP cruise next week :thumb:
  4. USNA2011Dad

    Plebe Death

    Our heart and prayers are with the family of the plebe in the 21st company that died today.
  5. USNA2011Dad

    King Hall

    My son told me that the newly renovated King Hall opens tonight. They will be serving prime rib. This is also one of the last chow calls that they will have to do as a plebe. :smile:
  6. USNA2011Dad

    I will begin to snoop....

    Our daughter had informed my wife and I that she is applying to the Air force Academy. She called and told her plebe brother and by the back and forth name calling, ie; Chairforce, Squid and the like. My wife and I could tell that her brother was proud. I am retired Navy and usually stay over on...
  7. USNA2011Dad

    USNA Funds

    My son called and stated that he will be doing the YP up the coast on his first block and coming home his second block. He then stated that "because of a funding shortage they may not be getting cruise assignments for the third block." He may be home for two months before returning for his...
  8. USNA2011Dad

    Midshipman Card

    Can someone please explain to me what the Midshipman card is? Can it only be used at the midshipman store? Where does the money come from?
  9. USNA2011Dad

    Baltimore Game

    Any idea when the plebes are going to the base ball game?
  10. USNA2011Dad

    Orioles Game

    Any idea on a date for the game that the plebes are going to attend?
  11. USNA2011Dad

    Cadre change

    Is this the "build up" time? I understand that the first weeks were tear down.
  12. USNA2011Dad

    Thorton Studio

    Boy they really work off your emotions. These prices are robbery. I realize that you have a choice to become a member. But $30.00 for an 8X10! :thumbdown: Thank you drop shots.
  13. USNA2011Dad

    Speech impairment

    I realize that I do not know any of you but I have had this on my mind lately. My son received an appointment for the Naval Academy Class of 2011. He stutters. Sometimes it is not noticable. Other times it is very noticable. Even before he applied to the NASS 2006 he called the Academy and was...
  14. USNA2011Dad

    Sports Equipment

    I have read where plebes have to carry everything with them that they bring on I-Day. My son will be trying out for lacrosse. Should he bring his equipment on I-Day or can we bring it on PPW? I know the booklet states to bring the equipment for the sport you would like to participate in on...
  15. USNA2011Dad

    Umbilical Fistula?

    My son had some bleeding from his navel. The surgeon stated that he had a umbilical fistula. CT scan of abdominal area with emphasis on umbilical area was negative. The surgeon basically performed a small (relative) procedure to close the fistula and suture the opening of the navel. My son is 3...
  16. USNA2011Dad

    Appointment presentation

    I am a first time poster. I have been lurking on these boards for sometime and appreciate all the information that is available here. My son has received an appointmet to the USNA. His mother and I are very proud of him. I would like to have his appointment presented to him at school. Who...