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    Midshipmen Randomness

    Obviously meant for internal consumption.:wink:
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    Pay grade after graduation

    Yes, they do. The daily allowance per person is slightly higher on submarines, too. That's what determines the Food Service Officer's budget. The difference isn't large, but it seems to be enough to make the food uniformly good. Also, Food Service Officers on submarines had more...
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    Pay grade after graduation

    Submarine wardrooms do not run a separate mess. Submarine Force regulations require that officers eat the same food as enlisted.
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    "I believe that we will win" shirt

    Reports of the demise of this cheer are premature. I heard it this past football season and I expect to hear it again. Alumni from long ago may think there is something wrong with it, but when you see it live it is impressive. Frankly, it's a lot more inspiring than something like that gnarly...
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    Training with Osgood Schlatter's diesease

    Osgood Schlatters Osgood Schlatters is an annoying and frustrating condition that strikes boys preferentially. Eventually it goes away of its own accord as the bones and cartilage in the knee area reach their adults strength. But that may not happen until well into the twenties. I would...
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    The important thing is - you are in. Congratulations. Start running and working out now. If you haven't already. I mean it. Oh, and keep your grades up.
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    Financial Responsibilities for new Midshipmen

    Yes, the midshipmen are paid. But what the Navy hands to them with the right hand it pretty much takes away with the left. Give your mid a regular weekly stipend and if they squawk for more money, listen to them. No parent should complain about the expenses. Your kid could be going to the...
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    Financial Responsibilities for new Midshipmen

    Current passport should work fine. You don't want an official passport anyway.
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    Charlie Wilson's War

    Actually, no. It was a little more complicated than that if I recall correctly.
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    USNA Food and other issues

    I never felt the necessity to remove food from the wardroom, but that was because I was always fed properly.
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    Claiming an interest in the CIA for College?

    There are good numbers of liberals everywhere in government, including the Department of Defense. Liberals tend to believe that government is a force for good. I observe that they gravitate toward civilian government positions more than do conservatives, who tend to believe that limited...
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    Semi-Good news

    If you have a nomination from another source, such as a Presidential nomination, the USNA will still want you to apply for a nomination from a MOC. If you can get one, they can use the Presidential nomination for somebody else. It's another way they can shape the composition of the incoming...
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    Midshipman Card

    So why have I been buying all of these BOOKS!? :wink:
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    Midshipman Card

    Right. I haven't resorted to this since we live only a little over an hour from Annapolis. It does seem like a pain but if you live far away it might be the only option. You can always ask your Midshipman to buy what you want, but if you're buying something FOR your Midshipman the surprise...
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    Midshipman Card

    Parents are entitled to shop in the Midshipman Store during the years that their Midshipman attends the Academy. You get a card that identifies you as an approved patron. Get the card at the Mid Store by either taking your Mid with you or knowing what their identification number is. It...
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    A little question about track....

    Don't make too much out of it. You checked the block and the coach would like to know what numbers you have posted. If they are pretty good he could probably find something at But who has time? So he's asked you to fill out the questionnaire. If he does like your...
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    Holding my breath

    I'm not an expert, just the parent of a midshipman. In my observation it is way too soon to give up on anything. I believe that the admissions office (at least at the USNA) has a better idea of what they want in a midshipman than a typical MOC. The admissions office is totally dedicated to...
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    someone please tell me this is a joke

    No mention of this in yesterday's conversation with our midshipman. Seems like it would have come up.:confused:
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    Show your support to Keep Coach Johnson

    It's not clear to me that money is the only issue, although I'm sure that Paul Johnson would like to be paid more. He turned Navy's program around and has consistently produced teams that can compete for the minor bowls. Paul Johnson has demonstrated that he's ready for the next step. He...
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    No LOA/Scholastically Q'd Letter

    And a year from now you won't remember NAPS. But you will remember how easy Plebe summer was.