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    Bruno, I rarely get back to SAF now that sonny is 6 years in (Capt. @ Naval Post Grad in...

    Bruno, I rarely get back to SAF now that sonny is 6 years in (Capt. @ Naval Post Grad in Monterey). What ever happened to TPG? He disappeared about five years ago and I never heard the story. All his posts disappeared to. Just wondering...
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    USN - Nuclear Power School

    Schedule a weekend in Charleston. It's a great place. NPS is not any harder than college. A little more intense but not any more difficult. If your DS was a good student, NPS won't sap all his free time. I went to NPS in Mare Island (back when neutrons were new) and had plenty of time to visit...
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    Navy CEC program

    Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP) If you are interested in pursuing important civil engineering projects around the world right out of school, look into the Civil Engineer Collegiate Program. It offers up to $113,100 while finishing your degree, providing a regular monthly income ranging...
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    Thanks SAF!

    Good luck LT. Crossed Pistols is a tough branch. Nobody likes the cops! Take care of the troops and success in your career and future.
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    Buying/Owning a Motorcycle?

    The vote seems to be divided evenly between Mom's (no) and Dad's (yes). I went without riding for 30 years because my beloved was afraid of bikes. I've been back in the saddle for two years now and wish that I hadn't been such a good hubby. With great risk comes the need for great risk...
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    Sanity Returns

    As I understand it, a certain 1stLt I know is spending much more time on the bicep excercises getting ready for 9 March. As far as starch and creases, I know that his get steamed so the lay flat and have no wrinkles. Brass and shoes are shinny on Bravo/Charley Friday. Does that count?
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    Please help with Plan B for my NROTC Nursing Option daughter Education Opportunities Wherever you are in your nursing career, the Navy can help ease your financial burdens and advance your career with generous scholarships, financial assistance and continuing education. High School Students The Navy can cover...
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    USMC91, This is a discussion for you and your OSO to have. I'm sure that the OSO will be very happy that you are selected for the USNA (that will free a slot for another qualified candidate). Go after each source with complete resolve. I'm sure that you are aware that both accession sources...
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    Question Regarding Aviation

    "Navy and Marine Corps The Navy and the Marine Corps use the same standards (The Marines do not have their own medical department. They use the Navy for all medical procedures and standards). Navy Pilots must pass a Class I Flying Physical. To become a pilot in the Navy or Marine Corps, an...
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    CNN Reports that the Blue Angels have canceled all of their 2013 performances.

    WARNING: THIS IS VERY SALTY. IF IT IS OFFENSIVE, PLEASE REMOVE. However, I disagree that the demo teams are not "Mission Essential" This is Terminal Lance's view:
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    How does the PLC program work in comparison to OCC

    This is a recent post at, the OCS Foundation web site: The second annual 1-week summer seminar at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia is occurring 21-27 July 2013. This event is being sponsored by the Marine Corps Recruiting Command, and is designed to prepare high school...
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    Army ditches $5 billion ACU Pattern

    “It was trendy,” Stewardson said. “If it’s good enough for the Marines, why shouldn’t the Army have that same cool new look?” Okay…next challenge, Marpat-Marine envy in the Navy! It is time to get rid of the ridiculous Blueberry utilities and return to sailor specific chambray and denim. A...
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    Plc acceptance today!!!

    kar57; There is no stigma attached to receiving a lot of mail, just a very limited amount of time to read and enjoy it all. You might want to work up a schedule for letter writing so that your Candidate receives a couple of letters a day. The delay between when you send the letter and when it...
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    Plc acceptance today!!!

    Dear kar57; Don’t forget to write those letters every day. OCS is unlike the rest of life on the information super highway, the Candidates do not have access to any electronics until the first liberty (about 3 weeks). Snail mail is their only contact with the outside and is your primary...
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    Academy and Officer swords

    We purchased the sword outfit for our Lt. for Christmas. We used Marlow-White ( for the sword ($100.00 less expensive than the Marine Shop and same manufacturer) and picked up the Sam Browne, Sword Belt, Frog, etc at the Marine Shop. Marlow White does the swords for...
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    Seal Training

    Besides, WE all know what ARMY stands for - A - Aren't R - Ready to be M - Marines Y - Yet Another steely-eye, baby eating, warrior from the sea started TBS today. The Marine Corps is all that it is advertised to be! Semper Fi from a Bubblehead glass maker!
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    PLC Tuition

    Hey kar57, Checked some old paperwork from son's Junior PLC that included some gouge on MCTAP. The MCO is linked below. It has a 1999-2000 date but it apparently is still in effect. This is the order that gives life to the program. The only thing that is questionable is the funding for the...
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    Plc acceptance today!!!

    What?! He's supposed to buy something?! Maybe when he's locked up at TBS he'll treat his 'ol Mommy and Daddy to a nice dinner when we visit. Yeah, bulkhead remover and 50 feet of chow line... Now I remember what Mids were good for! Good luck with the 22 pounds! I quit smoking last year and...
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    Plc acceptance today!!!

    Congratulations kar57!!! Was your DS approved for Juniors or Combined? Just remind him that "It’s not easy". OCS is both physically and mentally grueling requiring all that the candidate has to give. My son Commissioned from the PLC program and is prepping up for TBS in a little over a...
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    Sea stories!!!!

    Wow! I just sat down and spend two hours re-telling a GREAT sea Story. Then I went back and redacted everything that was still sensitive. Well, It started out: This is a real No S--ter! and ended, Dudes, For Real!!! The stuff in the middle was GREAT stuff. Full of iron ships and iron...