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  1. USNA2011Dad

    What exactly does the Candidate status mean

    My daughter has " Candidate Administratively Disqualified" posted on her application. I guess it is over?
  2. USNA2011Dad

    Concorde processing time / question

    In 2006 it took them almost a month for my son's physical to show up. My daughter had hers done on August 5th. It has not shown up and I am not concerned. It takes the "physical" paper work awhile to be processed. The eye exam is pretty much cut and dry. Good luck with your application and get...
  3. USNA2011Dad

    Fleet PRT standards?

    Has any one else heard that the new commandant has adopted fleet standards for the PRT at the Naval Acadmey?
  4. USNA2011Dad

    A few questions

    Thanks for all the info. Plebe Summer at USNA is 5 weeks. This weekend is their PPW (plebes parents weekend). I am retired Navy so learning all this different terminology is like a whole new way of thinkin'. :thumb:
  5. USNA2011Dad

    A few questions

    My daughter is now a candidate for the USAFA. I have looked these up but still have not found a clear cut explanation for the following terms. I am only familiar with the Naval Academy. 1. What is the AFA's I Day called? 2. What is the AFA's plebe summer called? 3. What is a Dooley? 4...
  6. USNA2011Dad

    Plebes no more

    Herndon climb ..... 2 hours, 40 minutes. YP cruise next week :thumb:
  7. USNA2011Dad

    Plebe Death

    Our heart and prayers are with the family of the plebe in the 21st company that died today.
  8. USNA2011Dad

    King Hall

    My son told me that the newly renovated King Hall opens tonight. They will be serving prime rib. This is also one of the last chow calls that they will have to do as a plebe. :smile:
  9. USNA2011Dad

    I will begin to snoop....

    Pima, Thanks for all the great info. My daughter does realize that she not only needs a plan B and C in case she does not get accepted to the AFA but she will also need a plan B and C if she does get an appointment. Someone told me that the plebes are called dooleys at the AFA?
  10. USNA2011Dad


    Chief, My daughter and I attended Senator Vitter's Academy Day yesterday (she is interested in the USAFA) and the USMMA sounds amazing. Congrats and good luck to your son. :thumb:
  11. USNA2011Dad

    I will begin to snoop....

    ^^^ Hey now....We used this type of lingo in the Navy :shake:
  12. USNA2011Dad

    I will begin to snoop....

    Flyboy, She has always been interested in space and becoming a pilot. She had recently spoken to Astronaut Duane (Digger) Carey, his daughter attends college here in our area, and he spoke with her about the various routes to become an astronaut. Like her brother she wants to serve her country...
  13. USNA2011Dad

    I will begin to snoop....

    Our daughter had informed my wife and I that she is applying to the Air force Academy. She called and told her plebe brother and by the back and forth name calling, ie; Chairforce, Squid and the like. My wife and I could tell that her brother was proud. I am retired Navy and usually stay over on...
  14. USNA2011Dad

    USNA Funds

    My son called and stated that he will be doing the YP up the coast on his first block and coming home his second block. He then stated that "because of a funding shortage they may not be getting cruise assignments for the third block." He may be home for two months before returning for his...
  15. USNA2011Dad

    Telling your parents

    My son told me that he wanted to join the Navy. I am retired from the Navy and he asked my opinion. I told him that he needs to go to to college first and go in as an officer (I was enlisted). He thought about what I had said, two weeks later he told me that he was applying to the Naval...
  16. USNA2011Dad

    "Thank you, we're very proud..."

    I like the comments that start with "Don't worry maybe when he finishes there he will go to college."
  17. USNA2011Dad

    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Thank you Zaphod.
  18. USNA2011Dad

    Police record check form

    My sons BGO stated that this was for high school years and any college.
  19. USNA2011Dad

    Tickets for R day

    While you are in DC why not go see the real academy in Annapolis? :yllol: Go Navy! Beat Army!