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  1. kpmom2011

    USMMA National Parents Assoc., Inc. Official Response to USMMAAF situation

    Dear USMMA National Parent Officers, and all USMMA Parents and Friends, As all of us are aware, the USMMAAF is experiencing one of the most difficult times in its existence. Though financially and organizationally as sound and stable as they have ever been in their history, they are at risk of...
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    Class of 2017 Plebe Parent Tips

    Hello all! The 2017 Plebe Parent Tips are available on the National Parents Website. I recommend you read them. They were written with the help of the Commandant and many new parents find them helpful. You should receive a letter from the Natl. Parents Assoc. in your Logging In packet...
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    Important information from kings point administration

    Power and internet is out at KP. I was asked by administration to relay the following information. Please spread to all concerned parties: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- As of 3:30pm Sunday August 28, rain and winds at Kings Point are...
  4. kpmom2011

    Message from Administration about hurricane preparation

    ALCON, In addition to Mary Jane’s email (provided below), we are also providing you with the instructions being provided to your midshipmen. We strongly encourage you to watch for regular updates on the Academy’s status and you are welcome to join the Amerilert system...
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    Clarification of what you can send

    I just received information from the Acting Commandant of Midshipmen about what the candidates can receive. Here is what is allowed now and until parents weekend: "Care Packages" from families, but send enough for everyone in your candidates platoon. Irons, ironing boards, and other...
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    New national parents website

    In association with the USMMA Alumni Foundation, The USMMA National Parents Association, Inc., is happy to announce that our NEW & IMPROVED website is now live. The USMMA Alumni Foundation has been gracious in allowing the Natl. Parents to host their website there. Information about all...
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    What is your ds/dd doing through indoc?

    Take a look at this 10 minute video from KP for last year's indoc. This will give you a very good idea what your ds/dd is going through now.
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    How many don't make it to graduation??

    If you don't believe the warnings about how hard it is to make it through Kings Point, this link is to the class photo of 2011 at Indoc and at Graduation. (note, about 10 or so in graduation photo were set-backs from previous years)...
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    June national parents newsletter

    Hi all. The USMMA National Parents Association June 2011 newsletter is out. You can access it at the following link. NOTE...YOU NEED ADOBE READER TO VIEW LETTER. Thanks!
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    Kings pointer magazine

    The Spring issue of the Alumni Foundation Magazine, Kings Pointer, has been published online:
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    Mid-Atlantic Parents are hosting a Welcome Aboard Picnic for candidates of 2015 on 30 April 2011. Everyone is invited so if you are in the area or visiting the area (Washington DC) please come. Here is a link to the picnic information...
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    11 april open house is on

    The 11 April open house is on. Everything will be held as scheduled. :thumb:
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    New command chaplain

    Just received word that a new command chaplain took the helm as of 1 March 2011. Here is the information received: welcome aboard CAPT Francis D. Bonadonna, CHC, USN, who assumed duties today as our Command Chaplain. CAPT Bonadonna joins LCDR Joseph Koch on our Chapel Team. CAPT...
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    Urgent congressional action needed

    Hi Friend, Family, Alumni, of KP. The following request is from the USMMA Alumni Congregational Liaison Committee. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!! 1. The budget request for 2011 of $100,020,000 for the Academy was passed by the House, however, final action in the Senate has been delayed...
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    New Sup

    Think that Admiral Phil Green will be named new superintendent, or, was just announced as new super. :)
  16. kpmom2011

    Ring dance

    Thought I'd post a happier thread....well until you get the bill parents...believe me the cost of parents weekend will pale in comparison to what is heading your way with sea term, rings, ring dance and...oh yea..i'll know in a few months...the cost of the graduation celebrations! The 2011's...
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    Parents weekend 2010

    Registration for Parents Weekend Events is up and running. Anyone who wishes to participate in the Weekend must have a badge. To find out information about parents weekend schedule and to purchase badges, please go to: Please...
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    Parents weekend registration

    Quick note to all KP parents. Registration for Parents Weekend 2010 will be done only online this year. Badges must be purchased by 26 August 2010. No badges will be sold on campus for this event. Please go for information and to register!
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    Special hotel rates for indoc & parents' weekend

    :thumb::thumb::thumb:The USMMA National Parents' Association, Inc., has negotiated several blocks of rooms at hotels for Indoc and Parents' Weekend. Click HERE to go to the national site and click on the Hotel links for information and rates.
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    Special hotel rates for indoc

    The National Parents Association has negotiated special rates for hotels for Indoc. Go to the National Parents Association website and click on the hotel info tab.