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  1. Devil5891

    VMI at Inaugural Parade

    Norwich's Band Company will be there too, just got word today!
  2. Devil5891

    Norwich Women's Rugby Repeats as Champions Norwich Women beat Navy 17-5 to win for the 2nd year straight! Congrats to our Rugby Players. Also Men's Swimming wins GNAC conference championship, I believe they are moving to an NCAA Competition...
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    USNA Gangnam Style

    I thought it was only fair that Gangnam Style thread had everyone's version. Here's Army: Air Force: Norwich is working on their, should be out late next week. Couldnt find any for the other...
  4. Devil5891

    Pretty good football week for Military/Maritime Colleges

    Have to admit, Norwich was more excited that we beat West Point 35-15 in Women's Rugby.
  5. Devil5891

    Norwich Rooks

    It was a great time! And no one lost any fingers this year!
  6. Devil5891

    Call Me Maybe?

    Norwich did well too, although this one was for girls it spread around like wildfire and even made the tosh.o website
  7. Devil5891

    Best Wishes SMCs Class of 16

    That was me hitting the wrong button, I should learn to edit.
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    Best Wishes SMCs Class of 16

    Rooks report on the 18th! It's gonna be my last time ever watching this week and my last time through the dog. Cheers to all new recruits at all SMCs and good luck. As for me, Death by powerpoint starting on monday.
  9. Devil5891

    Rook arrival day

    See you around then, even watching it for the 3rd time it never gets old
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    Switching ROTCs

    Switching ROTC is easy provided you haven't signed something for basic standing or anything. I switched from Navy to Army as a 2nd semester junior. Can't say much after a process is started however.
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    Norwich "Pride Week"

    Also: Someone actually took the time to list every event (who knew someone wouldn't actually single out the most controversial) I would also like to restate that as for current student knowledge the only news source to have contacted a student...
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    Norwich "Pride Week"

    Quoting myself here Many events planned for the week are also combined with other campus departments that donated to have the week be possible, like the Civic Engagement Center and (please excuse me but I don't remember the official name for it) the Dept. that deals with sexual education and...
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    Norwich "Pride Week"

    Much of this has made news all over the country, try google news if you haven't seen it, and has blown completely out of proportion so I'm going to try clearing things up before someone flips or something. First the following is a message sent to us from GEN. Sullivan, our Director of the Board...
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    High Gloss vs Leather low-quarters

    Don't worry, there are still Brasso Parties for your belt buckle.
  15. Devil5891

    Recognized at Norwich

    Congrats to the new Cadets, great night to see you get recognized. (personally I wanted to see more pushups, but those rings drown out my voice)
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    Annual Mardi Gras Drill Competition in New Orleans

    Lets go Shock Platoon. If they win they can get added to the Rook Book again.
  17. Devil5891

    My one problem with Norwich

    Rook will be allowed to watch in the rook dining area.
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    Norwich Independant Battery Destroyed

    The downward crossed sabers on the ring is for all those who died in combat protecting freedom. Like when we play Echo Taps on campus, we invert the sabers on our tunic. And we dont expect Jostons to actually get the design right on paper, as long as its right on the ring. Along with that the...
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    Norwich Independant Battery Destroyed Nah, in the middle of a recession that seemed too much, we added an extra diamond on the side
  20. Devil5891

    Norwich Independant Battery Destroyed

    I wasnt saying Norwich was gonna turn into a 50,000 student campus, I dont think state could take it. I was just hoping that they start expanding Ransom and Wilson so we can fit more Cadets on the UP. So things I've come up with over the past few days. AROTC has filled their Arty slots and that...