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  1. sbbm9901

    Post Graduation Time Off

    When the 1/c cadets graduate, do they get a defined amount of time off before having to report to their first assignment? I know USMA allows for up to 60 days, and how much time you get is dependent on BOLC and the needs of the duty station, unit etc. Is there similar time off guidance for USCGA...
  2. sbbm9901

    DoDMERB Portal Status Question

    My DD has applied to 4/5 academies and has been given a remedial to see a Dr. for updated x-rays. We have already had the appointment and should have materials soon. However, when she went on the DoDMERB portal it shows the remedial but only for West Point, the other 3 academies show as Under...
  3. sbbm9901

    Drink from the well, replenish the well.

    Good Afternoon! I am finally taking the plunge and joining this great forum. As my title implies, and stolen from TWD, we have used this forum extensively on this journey to get my DS an appointment to West Point. He received and happily accepted his appointment last week for the Class of 2021...