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    Videos to help you think about branches...

    Scout He is interested in the Apache or Kiowa. But really just wants to fly. Next Thursday should be an exciting night for them all.
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    Videos to help you think about branches...

    Awesome video series Scout! Thanks for posting them. I showed the videos to my 2012 cadet who is hoping to branch aviation next Thursday. They definitely added to the excitement of the coming week.
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    benefit of USAA

    I almost fell off m chair when I saw how low Auto insurance was for a 21 year old male with a good driving record!
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    r-day schedule class of 2015

    I remember sitting in the stands and watching/hearing those big doors slam shut ......and thinking oh boy the journey begins! Now they're second semester cows.
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    New Cadets/Rising Plebes...check in!

    Way to go 2014! Congratulations. My son will see you in G-3
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    2014 Beast Update

    With respect to intensity I would expect overall intensity to pick up a bit in all activities. I know that Beast II Cadre have been at WP since July 3rd undergoing intensive training getting prepared to take command of Phase II. They were chomping at the bit to get started. :wink:
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    2014 Beast Update

    Although not very detailed these slides (49 and 50) were part of the Supt.'s briefing on R-Day:
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    Beast itinerary

    If your going to make it to NYC then see the Broadway show Wicked. It's awesome!
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    Thank you Gray Hog for weighing in. Thurl
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    Scoutpilot, Actually I should have been more specific. I was curious if the Army currently uses any fixed-wing aircraft (such as the A-10) in ground support or attack missions. About a year and a half ago I had heard that the Army was trying to get back into that type of aircraft and was...
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    Scoutpilot, Interesting thread. Thanks for providing your insight. Any chance that Army Aviation in the future will include a fixed wing airframe?
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    Boot Letter

    Yes. You can to to the post PX. The sales people in the shoe dept. Will be very helpful. They will fit you and show you the boot choices. There are a couple of different manufacturers available. Bring your boot letter that authorizes you to make the purchase. Good Luck
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    Running for Beast and West Point

    Based on my Son's experience (2012) I would say run hills. Steep, long hills and lots of hills. He said no matter where you ran you ran uphill on the way out and they managed to have you running hills on the way back. Good luck with your training.
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    Seeing Parents

    Last year my son (2012) had 2 1/2 weeks leave after finals then 4 weeks CFT followed by 3 weeks of Airborne school and a weekend leave. That took him right up to Reorgy week and back to school.
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    academy entrance drug test

    There are security clearance papers that will need to be filed as a Plebe. I know for my clearance there were drug use questions. I'm not sure if the same questions are asked for the Army Clearances. Thurl
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    What are you doing to get ready

    Hey MOM, How's things in GA? Yea, Ive been laying low and been real busy at work and my daughter had twins. But, I finally have time to get in here on a regular basis. Plebe year went real well thank you. DS did great and is very proud to have some brass on his shoulders. He is definately...
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    What are you doing to get ready

    I have a couple of suggestions based on what my son did prior to reporting if you dont mind a parent weighing in: 1. Regular workouts of pushups, situps, and pullups. 2. Strength conditioning at a local gym 3. Follow the WP suggestions for ruck marches with weighted pack 35 to 50 lbs. Do...
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    Yet Another Boot Question

    I can't tell you anything about the Gortex boot but I can offer that my son bought his boots at the WP store and they sold him the 390 DES Bellevilles. You can try calling the WP store to order. If they can't do mail order then they can confirm the correct model and you can buy direct from...
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    Withdrawal from Iraq

    My best guess is that money currently being used to fund the war will be diverted to Navy and Air Force for ships, subs, and aircraft. I believe they have been underfunded for awhile because of the war. Also money will also go for repair and refit of combat vehicles and equipment. With...
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    DQ for pes cavus

    Congrats Mom! Way to go hope to see you at R-Day. Best of luck to your son. :band: