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  1. Bitt

    NROTC-MC Flight?

    I received a 4 year NROTC scholarship in December, but was recently turned on to flight in the Marine Corps. I read that during college I could earn a guaranteed spot in flight school once certain conditions were met. I am now considering putting my file into the change-of-option board, but am...
  2. Bitt

    CGA Band?

    So I figure I'd take a break from sweating EA results, and try to find out a little more about the band at the academy. I'm an avid musician and haven't been able to find much information about music at New London, and figured maybe a few of you guys could help me out. What are the opportunities...
  3. Bitt

    안녕 from Korea!

    Hello all. My name's Tyler, and I'm a DoD dependent stationed in Seoul, South Korea, and am a senior at the base high school. I've applied to Navy and Air Force ROTC and the US Coast Guard Academy all of which I'm very excited about. I've been reading these boards for about a month, but I...