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    ACT Writing

    You’re fine!! I often find that I’m incorrect way more often than I’m correct. but the writing part is the bane of my existence and if it wasn’t actually required... well I would probably implode right here and now.
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    ACT Writing

    Unless they changed something, it says on the candidate site “ SAT essay & ACT writing scores required”
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    ACT Writing

    Yes all they need is one writing score.
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    LOA and nomination

    Okay yes there are a ton of “extenuating circumstances” that could take place to make you not receive an appointment after getting an LOA. But the LOA is a letter of assurance, and that pretty much means if none of those circumstances happen (exceptionally bad grades, crimes, medical issues) and...
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    LOA and nomination

    It may be beneficial for her to speak with her FFR for guidance.
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    LOA and nomination

    It only helps to have more than one nom if you aren’t sure that you’re going to get an appointment. But with an LOA, if I’m not mistaken, you are guaranteed an appointment as long as you have 1 nom and are 3Q’d.
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    LOA and nomination

    Ehhhh. But maybe let the other sources know that she already has a nomination and LOA (even though they probably would know). Could be taking a nomination spot for someone that really needs it.
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    Can you submit your application and then complete DODMERB?

    If you have problems it takes a lot of time. I started the process in September, problems arose, and I didn’t finish with DoDMERB until February. Get started.
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    Personal Statement

    In my personal opinion, I would come up with a response that highlights a leadership trait of yours. It’s a leadership institution, and they are looking for essays that display qualities of leadership. That does describe a challenge, but, like you said, I don’t think it fits the prompt...
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    Remedial Requested - No Code

    It takes time, unfortunately. I was waiting for a week or two after that notification before I got the actual code. But yes, very common
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    SAT question

    Do they even take the old SAT for ‘22?
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    Anyone with a 3Q?

    Your FFR knows if you are 3Q’d too.
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    Days of rest needed before exam

    I had a cross country workout that day though and I was fine. I looked up some stuff to do to help though. Google is a valuable thing
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    LOA Expiration

    I second that. If you think you might have ANY issues medically get it done ASAP. DoDMERB is a rough process. That’s why there is a whole category devoted to it.
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    I personally know a guy that put down that he has smoked marijuana before and he’s at the academy right now. It’s probably not the same for everyone though.
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    Can I make it into West Point?

    It's possible for you to go and it's possible for you to not go. It's all case dependent, but yes it is definitely possible for you to get into/go to West Point
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    Current Cow at the academy. Ask me anything!

    Do you walk, do you talk, and are you full of chalk?
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    Plebe Running

    I have also been wondering... would it be good to run in the boots before beast or will there not be any actual running in them? I know they say to break them in but not sure about what to be prepared for.
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    However... if you still use an inhaler before rigorous workouts.. well let's just say you have to do a lot of explaining if you've filled albuterol prescriptions and haven't even used them. Still using an inhaler is a different story.
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    Still only 687 have accepted as of today (according to an email I received a little while ago).