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    Putting ads into the USNA Lucky Bag

    OK, here's a question I don't remember seeing before. How and when do families go about putting ads together for their Firstie's Lucky Bag? Does that happen during Firstie year, or after graduation/Commissioning? Do you provide camera-ready artwork through the web? A lot of the backgrounds seem...
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    Better late than never!

    For a while, we thought this day would never come, but my daughter's medical waiver was finally approved today! She was one of the first to receive an LOA last September, and received her MOC nomination in December, so the CGO and her BGO have both confirmed that a big, blue binder will soon...
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    NROTC vs USNA waiver

    My d received a medical waiver from NROTC today, but her real goal is USNA. Is there any real possibility of NOT also getting a waiver from USNA, or is it time for us to break out the bubble wrap, nomex suits, etc.?
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    medical waiver timeline

    Hi, my daughter's DoDMERB page shows (regarding her remedial) "Date reviewed Feb 11" in the top section, but both the NROTC and USNA sections show "Pending review." First question: Why would the top section show that a review has happened, but both of the waiver authority sections say...
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    Problems with DoDMERB site

    Some time in the past day the DoDMERB site has become unaccessible. A new login window appears, but does not accept previously established login/password information. Mulitple people (my d included) have experienced the same thing. Does anyone know if DoDMERB doing a site update, or is this...
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    My daughter and I have been lurking and occasionally posting, but never introduced ourselves. My screen name is descriptive, and we're hoping to drop the "?" very soon! Thanks to all who have answered our questions over the past few months. Having this site has made the admissions roller...