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    Firstie Service Selection

    2Steaktacos: EVERY major at USNA includes a lot of "core" courses, including STEM courses and professional courses. That's why the various service communities don't care a lot about what major you choose. If you do get admitted to USNA, choose the major that most interests you. That way...
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    Validation test

    Here is the link to the current USNA course validation policy: Note that AP=5 validates 1 semester of biology (not a required course)
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    How many mids taking same major?

    Sounds like a potential USNI Proceedings letter/column. VADM Stavridis starting writing such things as a JO, why not you????
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    Nomination Question

    The same situation applied to my now-Ensign, way back when. IIRC, we were told that she should apply in the state where she attended HS. I would have guessed that RI would be more competitive than IN, too, but that MAY not be the case. A quick comparison of the USNA Supe's and Dean's list...
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    How many mids taking same major?

    Even though 65% of all newly commissioned Ensigns must have STEM majors, one should take a couple of factors into consideration. First, a non-STEM major at USNA still has a heavy component of STEM (and other non-major) requirements. This is the reason why USNA English, history and other non-STEM...
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    End of Plebe Summer

    Please keep in mind that Summer Seminar is a recruiting tool, while CVW is a chance to visit real Plebes.
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    After Parent's Day

    You might want to consider visiting your Plebe over the Columbus Day weekend, October 6-7. That is the weekend after six week grades come out, so their academic responsibilities wil have peaked during exams the previous week. They are likely to have an increased amount of liberty, since it's a...
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    Company Assignment

    Nah. 2 miles isn't a long distance. At least, not for most Mids :shake: The football run gets split up, so no one has to run more than a few miles.
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    I-day, What to bring?

    Again for women: You will be issued sports bras, but they may not be a brand you like, or ones that will hold up well. Recommend that you bring a few of your preferred brand (white). Champion brand is great, if you don't already have a favorite.
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    I day dry run?

    Yes, my Ensign went from Leatherneck to 1st set detailer last year, too. The detailers spend about a week in preparation prior to I-day, including many, many briefings, plus spending I-day-1 checking in priors/NAPSters. No worries about USNA detailers being ready for the new Plebes :shake:
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    Airforce and Navy

    Some of my new Ensign's staunchest supporters during her time at USNA were family and friends with Army and Air Force service time, including a retired USAF O-6 and a retired USA O-5.
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    Letter prompts base to change flight suit rules

    Posted the original article to a retired USAF O-6 (pilot). His comment (verbatim from his email back to me): "What a bunch of crap - the flight suit was designed for wear when engaged in aerial flight not to wear as a status symbol."
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    Letter prompts base to change flight suit rules

    Guess I don't understand why flight suits can't be stored in a locker on base. Always ready, and you don't need to put 'em on unless they're actually needed. I thought that was why they get to wear wings on their other uniforms..... Hmmm...maybe the AF and its training really is...
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    Company Assignment

    Keep in mind two things about your USNA companies: - As has been posted in other thread(s), the company climate can vary a LOT from year to year, due to the attitudes/goals of the Firsties, the Company Officer (CO), and the Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL). - YOUR attitude towards your company...
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    Number of Mids from each state?

    The number of Mids from a single state really can vary a lot from year to year. The incoming class size depends on the number of applicants, the state's number of MOCs, and the competitiveness of the state's applicants with respect to the national pool. For instance, Kentucky is a fairly small...
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    Plebe Summer Companies

    Thank you, Hurricane, for expressing what I meant to convey.
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    Plebe Summer Companies

    10th is awesome, according to my Ensign! There are 122 steps up to 5-4, so you'll be in excellent shape (that's Ac year company area, also part of 5-3). It's far enough away from King Hall that there aren't as many pests, but you still should keep food in sealed plastic boxes. :shake...
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    Plebe Summer

    Plebe points to ponder.... We recently held a state parents club gathering for our new Plebes. Here are some thoughts expressed by several current Mids and a couple of brand new Ensigns: 1. (Unless you're a smarta$$) Don't worry about the "fly under the radar" advice you sometimes get. Be...
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    5 APs?

    I, too wonder about not seeing English on your class list. IMO, the one AP class NOT to drop is AP Chem. Taking it may allow you to validate a semester of Chem at USNA, which is a very good thing. Even if you don't validate, you will be less rusty in chem, one of the "killer courses" for...
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    Questions about the application

    Don't over think this. Just follow the instructions. If they say to put down next year's schedule, do it. Remember, your HS school will be asked to provide an official transcript, which documents all classes that you have completed.