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    Weddings at USNA's NAVY Chapel

    So......looking for venue recommendations/ideas for a rather large Rehearsal Dinner in the Annapolis area. DS (USNA 12) and future DIL (USNA 14) are planning a fall 2022 wedding at the NAVY Chapel sometime next year. Would also appreciate suggestions on activities for the out of town guests...
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    Is NAVY Bowl Bound ?

    With NAVY Football's overall record currently at 7-1 , they are Bowling again.....are they contract obligated to any certain Bowl at this time , such as the Military Bowl played at Annapolis on Dec. 27 ?
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    The U.S. Navy's Titanium “Tin Cans”

    The eye-opening and gut-wrenching continued exposure of Zumwalt class deficiencies and problems : How the sea service transformed destroyers, its most common warship and once among the cheapest, into Frankenships By Mark Thompson...
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    The US Navy is commissioning another stealthy $4.6 billion destroyer Saturday

    “Our official motto is ‘I will defend,’” she said. “But on our ship...we do not quit.”
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    NAVY FB Coach to Arizona?

    From Sports Illustrated online : Dan Gartland January 12, 2018 Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo has emerged as a candidate to take over for Rich Rodriguez at Arizona and the Wildcats’ star player isn’t thrilled at the prospect. Niumatalolo has been offered the job, according to multiple...
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    NAVY Football Team uniforms for ARMY-NAVY GAME

    Navy will wear special uniforms when it faces rival Army in two weeks. GO NAVY
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    Patriot Day Tribute

    USNA Anchormen tribute to 9/11 loss of life ....... an oldie(2011) and not the best link/version but it still brings an emotional tear after all these years. GO NAVY !
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    Navy football will be featured on Showtime series

    Copied from USA TODAY : "Navy's football team will be featured on a weekly behind-the-scenes series on Showtime. The academy and the network made the announcement Tuesday about A Season with Navy Football, which follows players and coaches for 30-minute episodes on the premium cable channel...
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    Auto delivery service to West Coast ?

    My NAVY LT( currently deployed) is thinking about hiring a professional to transport his POV from Newport, RI to San Diego, CA later this year . Any suggestions , precautions and/or contact info would be greatly appreciated.
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    NAVY invited to 2016 ARMED FORCES BOWL

    With today's win over Tulsa, NAVY ( 7-2 overall and 5-1 in conference play) has been offered the Lockheed-Martin ARMED FORCES BOWL scheduled for 12/23/16 in Ft.Worth , TX...... Will NAVY accept immediately or holdout for other invitations and opportunities ? GO NAVY !
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    Purchasing a new vehicle while overseas, the do's & don'ts

    Are there serious financial advantages to consider purchasing a new personal vehicle while on an overseas assignment ? My NAVY LTjg departs next month for a shore duty stint in a Persian Gulf country. I have offered to try to sell his old Jeep GC while gone in the hope of him possibly...
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    USS Vicksburg CG-69 going in Harms Way

    REPORT : Russia is practicing attack runs against NATO warships in the Black Sea... Russian Su-30s and Su-24s aircraft from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea have been conducting mock attack runs on NATO warships operating in the Black Sea, Sputnik News reported. According to the Russian...
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    Field of Lost Shoes

    The 2014 movie now on Netflix about VMI and the Battle of New Market in 1864....going to watch it now !
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    From VMI to the NFL

    USA TODAY, 2/13/15 "It was the Spring of 1995, and it was Mike Tomlin's first recruiting trip at his first job in coaching, at a small , military-focused state institution in Lexington, VA. with no recent history of football success at the Football Championship Sub-division level......." Link...
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    " Failure of Leadership"

    WASHINGTON POST 2/10/2015 Navy censures 3 admirals in far-reaching bribery investigation The Navy announced Tuesday that it has censured three admirals for ethics violations as part of a historic corruption scandal that has already tarred several other high-ranking officers and is threatening...
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    The Restoration of Strawberry 5, " a beautiful ugly duckling"

    PBY "STRAWBERRY 5" WAS THE PLANE THAT FOUND THE JAPANESE CARRIERS AT THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY WHICH BECAME THE TURNING POINT IN THE PACIFIC THEATER OF WWII. This video story is of PBY-5A CATALINA (Strawberry 5), it's discovery and restoration for the US Navy museum in San Diego. It was the only...
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    The Flight of 666

    Here's the story of the single most-decorated flight mission in all of WW II. Two Medals of Honor, seven Distinguished Flying Crosses and six Purple Hearts were awarded the crew of this WWII mission !!!! Link :
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    Washington Post : " We'd be better off without WP"

    link : More controversial thoughts in the news from USNA professor Bruce Fleming and others....... Please don't shoot this messenger !
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    Residency issues and questions for AD Military related to taxes

    Tax season is here once again....and residency questions have been raised by my NAVY son. Over the last 2.5 years my JO has lived and worked in FL, RI, and currently Norfolk, VA area with 1 recent overseas 8 month deployment slipped in for some excitement. His home of record is MO. Is there any...
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    It's really getting UGLY

    From NAVY TIMES : Groundings and Deployment cancellations( March 3, 2013) " The cuts, detailed in Mabus’ message, will start to be felt almost immediately in aviation. Officials are...