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    Hello all- I just finished Plebe Summer as well as Hell-O night. If any prospective candidates or anyone interested has any questions feel free to shot me a PM or just reply to this post. I will try to answer to the best of my abilities :)
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    USNA Plebe Summer 2009 Webpage

    Is up.
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    Help.. Things for PS

    okay so i'm in the process of buying the things on the PTR packet list. I am trying to decide whether i should get all of these things sent to me or should i bring them along. for example the extra socks shirts and bras. i know i will need extra of the first and last.. should i send them or...
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    Reporting Times And Companies

    Are reporting times based on companies? For example, does each company report at a specified time.. Like people reporting in at 6:30 are in the same company?
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    Permit to Report Packages

    Permit to Report packages are out. I just received mine in the mail today!
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    Wish Me Luck

    I have just told, in an email, my father, whom I haven't seen or talked to in about 8 months and who is currently residing in Jordan, about the Naval Academy. I haven't told him I accepted yet all I told him was that I'm thinking about it. I'm afraid of what he's going to say or do if I choose...
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    This weekend I am attending CVW and I was wondering what I should and shouldn't bring... I don't want to be lugging around a lot of stuff. Should I bring like snack foods? How about homework for during the study period?
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    New Dant vs. Old Dant.

    I have been hearing many different things about the new dant and I am confused.. Is he making better changes or rather making them more difficult? And what kind of changes has he made so far...?
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    And the long wait is finally over...

    I finally received my long awaited appointment packet for the Class of 2013!!
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    Plebe Summer Commanders

    Reg CDR: Midn CDR Cheij Reg XO: Midn LCDR Brumbaugh Reg OPS: Midn LCDR Reid Port Batt CDR: Midn LCDR Simmler STBD Batt CDR: Midn LCDR Aichele
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    Females at the academy!

    At the risk of being too curious.. Is there anyone who can give me an inside perspective of what life at the academy is like for a female? Especially during plebe summer. I understand that they are not treated differently from the males... but i've heard that they are even treated worse by...
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    During plebe summer or even during the year.. Are you allowed to wear contacts? Because I have heard that you can't wear contacts and they will issue you glasses if you don't have any..
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    If you have an LOA you can still get rejected? Why would you get rejected? In other words, what would make you ineligible for an appointment? Also, if you don't too soo hot on your CFA, is it possible for you to get the appointment? As long as you have everything else?