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  1. Eagle

    H Zj Res 59 2014 Federal Budget

    Can anyone explain how this budget affects pensions for military personnel who may be approaching their 20 years. Is it true that it reduces their pension until they are 62 yo. Promise Broken??
  2. Eagle

    Life After Graduation

    "Some have 6 months additional training for a specific job. Some will have 2-3 years of graduate school getting their MA/MS/PhD" LITS and Christcorp please expand on thess directions.
  3. Eagle

    My Terminal Leave Adventure...

    why lits, will you share your reasons for leaving??
  4. Eagle

    Any Suggestions.....

    Go on to Boston If you've never been to Boston, you must go there!!!! Historic, culturally interesting, some free venues like Boston Commons. Try to get some tickets to go see the Red Sox.....quaint ballpark and surroundings, ride the "T", Faneuil Hall, Seaport Eat Yankee cooking at...
  5. Eagle

    Care Packages/Things for Parents to send

    CarePackage Have parents prepare a shoe box filled with some items....wrap it up in a brown paper bag, print your name( SWAB Jill Jones), Chase Hall #___. Inside consider packing 2 disposable lighters-so you can shine your shoes-I remember buying ones without the roller mechanism to...
  6. Eagle

    CGA opposes changes to admissions system

    Federal Grant money This sounds like a data based agrument for the NAACPto get a BIG Federal Grant to work on this problem.
  7. Eagle

    39 Days left until Dec 15th

    I'll never put down USCGA, OBJEE and the USA!:smile: BTW, Congrats to Luigi's son who was recognized for his Football talent this fall ! Nice work:thumb: Lookin' forward to a super 1st Class year on the field next year.
  8. Eagle

    39 Days left until Dec 15th

    EA Decisions It came in the mail on a Saturday....December 20th! White 8X10 CGA "cardbord envelope". Have your camera ready and your video camera, too. Be ready for the celebratory dancing and playing some winners music REAL loud! That was a most glorious day for our family that Dec. 20th...
  9. Eagle

    Very Confused - Did I get an LOA or Scholastically Qualified?

    Coast Guard Academy Harmi, take a look at the Coast Guard Academy....if you haven't done so yet, and you do, you'll be surprised to discover a fanstastic Academy and a very worthwhile mission. It's not too late to apply. Do yourself a favor to give them a look. You may like what you see and...
  10. Eagle

    CGA opposes changes to admissions system

    Have to agree that USCGA should manage the appointments themselves and continue to hit targets that are established. Perhaps Congress should share with the SA's and the public, just what defines successfull representation/diversity in his view. Knowing that, then the SA's would know how close to...
  11. Eagle

    any advice for application

    Kid, from all that, you're as good as in if I were picking!! What state are you from?
  12. Eagle

    CGA opposes changes to admissions system

    cross country distribution can't force a kid in Nebraska or Iowa or Utah or anywhere to apply to USCGA. They've got to want it in their heart and soul and have a real interest in the mission on the CG. How do some MOC's end up with "15" appointments in on year at one SA? There...
  13. Eagle

    Lack List posted on website

    Grayed out same thing happened in a previous year....turns out there was a glitch in the the admissions office to be sure....there's some great folks in the "back-office" that can tell you for will give you peace of mind to find out directly. Definitely, don't overuse...
  14. Eagle

    LOA redux

    LOA is not SOL Remember, some who recieve LOA's and Appointments to not accept those offers, leaving space for others down the list. So don't give up your mission to get an Appointment for yourself. Also, I've learned about the other side of SA Appts - that of diversity. So be AWARE that you...
  15. Eagle

    Coast Guard Recruiting ads

    to the point no fluff, to the point with powerful words, action and imagery :thumb:
  16. Eagle

    Missing my kid!

    time're spot on. SWAB son wrote "the minutes seem like hours, the hours seem like days" and "Eight and a half days till EAGLE". For us, it is flying, but we're not doing PT and Indoc!! God love 'em!:wink:
  17. Eagle

    Eagle's gonna get a new Pier!!

    Eagle's gonna get a new Pier!! How great for USCGA and for EAGLE!! Senator Dodd, can you help with Leadership44s??
  18. Eagle

    Last minute questions

    To the Swabs of 2013 Look Forward. Make this work for yourself. You can do it and you know you can. Make yourself happy when you are at that. Your are the Guardians of our precious COUNTRY.......Young Men and Women-We are behind you 100%. God Speed to the...
  19. Eagle

    OHIO Wrestler

    I sent you a PM....:thumb:
  20. Eagle

    USCGA Flag

    Does the Academy have it's own official FLAG? Is it available for sale anywhere.