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    disenrolled 22 days before graduation

    Noted. Sorry.
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    disenrolled 22 days before graduation

    Jcleppe and Kdc, I think the hardest thing for me to understand when I first got here was that there wasn't a head USAFA "disenrollment officer" with one O-6 making sure every punishment is fair not only with regards to the rules, but also relative to his or her peers. We have different AOCs...
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    disenrolled 22 days before graduation

    Having been a voting member in the several of the fourth-class cadets' CSRPs (Cadet Sanction Review Panels) from last year, and being an honor officer at the Academy, I urge you not to confuse an honor violation with a regulation violation. They're simply handled differently. The honor code...
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    BCT water backpack questions

    Nine times out of ten you end up paying more for the issued item than an equivalent product online. So don't get too excited about the "savings".
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    More AirForce Sexual Abuse

    Wow, this is rather ironic. It's shocking that the SARC briefings didn't work. On a more serious note, I'm incredibly thankful that the victim was vigilant. This is the best possible ending for a crime that could have ended much more tragically. If found guilty, I just hope that the verdict...
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    jewelry question

    As per the CSP. No earrings during BCT. Necklaces (with or without crosses) are allowed as long as they're not visible while in uniform.
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    Wisdom Teeth

    Very uncommon. Do a quick Google search and there's plenty of info on typical recovery periods. A reasonable expectation would be to not eat any solid food for 5-7 days after surgery.
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    DoDMERB Remedial at USAFA

    I'm not sure if this is related, but when I was an appointee I was involved in a car accident when a dump truck ran a red light and t-boned me. This happened in May and I did not get a waiver until 10 June or so.
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    Standardized test scores

    The tailored ads from Google Adsense scare me. They know you're interested in the SATs. They know that I'm in the market for a new cell phone so all these highly appealing deals pop up.
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    Wisdom Teeth

    If you have no clue what's going on with you teeth, that's totally fine. If after an x-ray they say that it needs to be removed, they will schedule the surgery. It's a pain in the *** from a time management standpoint though, because you might miss class - which is the reason why a lot of...
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    Wings of Blue questions

    Don't look at it as politicking, and it shouldn't give you a headache. Like MN Dad said, it's all about networking and it's no different than how it will be for the rest of your life. Reach out to those on the team and get to know them a little bit. If you get along with the culture of the...
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    Perks for USAFA Grads

    If your daughter is a rising 3 dig her best bet is to find a a good mentor, such as a rising firstie that can help her figure what how best to handle the Academy. It's okay to have doubts, but she needs to figure out if the Academy is for her. For most cadets, it does not get easier after 4...
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    Prep School vs. ROTC

    I agree with Aglahad - keep your eyes peeled and make sure you're evaluating all your options when making a decision. The Academy is great, and ROTC at civilian universities will give you a different, but by no means worse experience. The commandant of USAFA is an A&M grad, and I've had...
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    investing/401k/IRA advice while at the academy

    I'd like to just point out that the Roth IRA contribution limit changes every couple of years. For 2013 the contribution limit for a single individual is $5,500. The 2% matching is done by USAA, and basically they will add into your Roth IRA account 2% of what you put in for that year. It's...
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    Leave for family illness

    It depends on how many days of BCT is missed. I'm not sure what the threshold is, but a couple of days should be okay.
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    Yes, each cadet squadron competes in the wing-wide recycling program.
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    Questions for a Freshman Cadet

    How about you just wait and see? I'm assuming you're not going to base your decision to attend USAFA on whether beatings during BCT are challenging but if I'm wrong that's definitely the wrong attitude to start inprocessing with.
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    USAFA Calculator

    woa kristina, I'm not gonna lie...that was a really low blow. I think we can all agree that USAFA does not tolerate cheating or any other honor violations.
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    Law enforcement jobs?

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    The answer to your question is simple. The severity of hazing at USAFA compared to USNA is the same - both service academies have zero hazing and neither institutions tolerate any hazing. Not sure where you are getting the idea that any service academies tolerate hazing.