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    Enlisted to USNA

    Despite what the past may look like apply until you cannot anymore, one of my classmates got in after her junior year at Fresno State. Like everyone has mentioned already trying to get to USNA by enlisting could be challenging and not always guaranteed (STA-21 is just as competitive, not...
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    Reapplicant: are LOA/NAPS possible?

    I went to NAPS after a year at college so definitely possible. Already mentioned, LOA's aren't happening since they'll want to see those fall semester grades. After that if you they decide NAPS is for you, you can expect that letter to come early to late spring.
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    B&B or Hotel recomendations

    There are some decently priced hotels by the Annapolis Town Center, short drive/Uber to the Yard and not have to worry about parking for games. Take a tour of the yard, visit the museum (wish I would've paid more attention to the historical artifacts there), see noon meal formation, maybe there...
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    To reapply or not to reapply

    Going to add on a bit to what fullspeedahead said, if you truly believe your heart and soul should be at USNA then reapply. I'm currently a multi-engine instructor pilot in NAS Corpus and can confirm there are PLENTY of NROTC grads that come through our program. The scuttlebutt at USNA "getting...
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    The Role of Blue and Gold Officers

    Oh man, it has been a LONGGG time since I've been back on this site! Quick recap, I joined this site circa 2007 as a young buck with huge aspirations of going to USNA. After failing to gain admission after high school (c/o 2007), went to a local university for a year before getting into NAPS...
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    Plebes and Personal Music

    Weakkk..hotel nimitz is about to go out of business
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    Jets and Helos

    There are cases of very FEW pilots who transition to other platforms after they are fully qualified in one platform. Needs of the service triumphs everything in this matter, biggest consideration is if the community you're trying to transfer out of is willing to let you go and if the gaining...
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    A little confused about 'Reef Points'

    Practicing all the shoulder/wrist/jaw angle and eye positions beforehand isn't going to help when there's someone in your face, absolutely no benefit or advantage whatsoever. Let her enjoy the time now until I-Day, she'll be neck deep in other things during PS. Ditto, 1000%
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    Truck on as if you're going to finish your engineering degree and reapply if you so choose. Like you said, if you retake these courses and get rejected again you're stagnant in your major. The way I see it, if USNA doesn't work out then it would be best to finish your degree and look into other...
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    A little help?

    Hasn't been 5 years yet, but here's my two cents since graduating in 2013: Your favorite assignment: Living in Hawaii on the Navy's dime and flying Navy planes Favorite thing: The camaraderie with those in my squadron (Officer and Enlisted) and USNA grads that I've come in contact with. We...
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    CVW as a reapplicant?

    Email regional director, they'll get the ball rolling
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    Candidate's Weekend

    You heard right, no SMT. Negative, King's Court is your modern day college food court that they build in a section of King Hall. Food selection was awesome
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    How to Prep for Plebe Summer

    The Physical Strength Test (PST) is taken the first or second day of PEP. Basically 2 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups, followed by a mile run. You'll be split into groups based on your times (Group 1-6 I think, 1 obviously the fastest kids and 6 needing more motivation from detailers). Point of...
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    Candidate's Weekend

    Probably result of no more SMT..weak sauce
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    Candidate's Weekend

    You'll show up Thursday night, get assigned a Plebe, and just settle in for the night as the Mids still have study period. Friday morning, you'll either go to formation or whatever your Plebe has prior to morning meal (some might be varsity athletes and may pass you onto someone else for a bit...
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    CVW Question

    Good to hear you liked the first visit, but what else are you looking for "inside"? The daily regimen you saw with your Plebe was pretty much everyday life, maybe depending on if you went in the fall or spring you caught a football game on Saturday. There are many current and former mids on here...
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    CVW Question

    Agree with usnabgo08, there's nothing really new that you'll see or that's significantly different from the first visit.
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    Rates for NAPS

    Mission statement, military chain of command (aka CNO, SECNAV, SECDEF, and above to POTUS), and the Sailors Creed. If you're really up for it, 11 General Orders of a Sentry, and The Articles of the Code of Conduct. If not don't worry, all this stuff will be in your head soon.
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    Initial Strength Test

    Correct, don't remember if you can actually "fail" it, IST is to place you into different groups for runs during PEP. Have fun with "Round Trips" and "Brave hearts"
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    Phone line

    Wasn't sure if Plebes were allowed to talk on breezeways/ladderwells/hang out in the wardroom during the week? Only been gone 2 years, but maybe things have changed