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    Citadel Matriculation Packing

    Nope. Just your happy place in your head. You're gonna need it. Pack only what they tell you. You won't have room for much else. When you pull up to your batt assignment, you take your things out of your car, put it on the curb, hug your parents goodbye and wait for instructions. The blue...
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    Today is Aday !!

    Those traditions are sadly, a thing of the past
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    AFROTC - Aviation Degree vs Aerospace Eng Degree

    Agree with FH76, if his heart isn't in engineering, then maybe a business degree would be an option. Or go to technical school and get his A&P. Point being, all pilots lose their medical at some point. The key is to add value to yourself in the airlines. Say your son experiences a medical...
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    VMI in the news

    First, I give you much credit for looking at the bigger picture. I cannot speak for VMI, only for the Citadel. When my dd was considering attending, we stopped several female cadets while walking around to get their honest opinion. We found the consensus was that the "old way" was not...
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    C/O 2026 must be vaccinated before Iday

    they are being told they have to get them or out. might be different for athletes, not sure. c/o 25 and c/o 26 (preppie)
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    Vmi thoughts

    just a heads up, the Citadel does not start the new tuition program until fall of 2022.